Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter this year didn't exactly sneak up on me but came a little sooner than I would have liked. We got home the night before a little after 10pm from our Spring Break 9 day vacation. The kids weren't sure the Easter Bunny would come being we were gone for so long and I indeed had my doubts too. 

Come Sunday morning this house had some excited kids seeing that the Easter Bunny did make a presence. This year the kids were given a new book, a new package of fun socks (not the old boring white socks this mom always buys), a baskett full of candy and new church attire. 

Madelyn loves getting new clothes and so immediately changed from her jammies into her new purple dress. She's been a bit envious of her Aunt Hanna's fun, bright, silly colored socks she's seen her wear and so was thrilled to receive her very own. She can't wait to see her Aunt Hanna and show her these new silly socks of her's.

Emily loves getting new clothes too. She followed her big sister's example and changed into her new dress too. She was thrilled with the brightness of her new socks and the fact she got her very own 1st chapter book. She also loved the blue ring pop she ate causing her mouth to be blue for all our morning pictures.

Miss Kylie received a new dress too. She got a fun board book and a new package of socks too. Her's I'm told are quite boring though as they are all white.

Hunter recently finished a series of books and so was quite excited to be able to start a new one. I love how my kids enjoy reading. I hope they continue that enjoyment into adulthood. We recently bought both boys some new church shirts and the Easter Bunny must have known this as he only brought a new tie for the boys.

 Brayden is big into Super Herores right now. He could not hold back his excitment over receiving Spiderman socks. He liked his new book and candy too but the socks were by far his favorite. He also received a new tie that somehow missed his photo shoot complimentary of his big sister Madelyn.
Next Sunday I'll have to take our belated Easter outfit pictures.