Friday, May 03, 2013

Kylie 9 month Photo Shoot

Miss Kylie hit her 9 month mark the end of Febuary. Once again I forgot to post the pictures of that milestone.

Miss Kylie's personality is coming out more and more. She is so much fun! She is starting to be able to play pat-a-cake by herself. She'll look at me and start clapping her hands. When I start to sing the words she get's the biggest grin on her face and starts clapping harder. So fun!!!

 She didn't appreciate being laid in the hamper by big sister trying to help! But look how much bigger she is. She's growing up too fast for this mama.
 After the girls and I were able to calm Kylie down we were going to change her wardrobe. However she did not want to get clothes on so I shot a few with her naked.  Sure wish I had a cute diaper cover. At this late stage in the game though why bother. 
 I love the above picture. This is also something new Miss Kylie has started to do with her hands. When you talk to her she holds her hands up like she's asking what???
She's growing up. She's starting to play with her toys more and more and just learning how to entertain herself. Kylie's not crawling but she is starting to scoot across the floor. It's my personal opinion that she's not crawling for 2 major reasons: 1- She's got 3 older siblings that will carry her around on her whim. They can't stand it when she cries. When she starts grunting it's almost a race to see who can get to her first to pick her up and haul her around. Therefore she has NO real need to crawl. And 2- our main floor is all tile. It's cold, cold, cold! Even though we've got the fire burning non stop lately the tile remains cold. I HATE walking around barefoot and so does everyone else. Having socks on makes it bareable but for the most part we always have slippers or shoes on. On the rare occasions Miss Kylie does scoot herself off our rug in the front room she starts to whimper almost immediately.  If she ends up sitting on tile floor for even just a few minutes by the time I pick her up her little hands our COLD. She has no desire to be on the tile and I can't say I blame her. Maybe when it starts to warm up a bit she'll show more of an interest in crawling.