Friday, May 03, 2013

Brayden Turn's 4!

Brayden turned "4" a few saturday's ago. He's been wanting a super hero cake all along and then that morning switched to a Skylander cake instead. I love the way the bottom layer turned out! The top layer had more issues than I can count but.... He loved it and that's what counts!
 Brayden was quite excited about his presents that were just his!
 One of his presents was new bike! This kid of our's has been riding one of those little scooter's that are meant for 12 mo.-18 mo. olds. He loved this old bike of his and rode it everywhere. He'd ride it to church on those mornings that we walked, he'd ride it to cousin's house or back to the barn to feed our show pigs we just got. To say this bike was to small for him is an understatement.  He love's his new Angry Bird's bike. He tells me he has to practice riding it everyday!
 Brayden received several dress up clothes thanks to Target's clearance after Halloween.

Brayden is just too much fun to watch. It took quite some time to open gifts. When he'd open one he'd want to sit and play for a little while before opening anymore. He loved his spiderman car's.  

 Here's Dad and Brayden trying out that new bike outside. It's a little big for him  but he quickly got the hang of it.
 After riding his bike around the block Brayden decided it was cake and ice cream time.
Brayden is fun little boy.
He loves to ride his bike outside. He loves being outside just like his older siblings. He loves swinging, and playing on the slide on our jungle gym. He loves to go next door and jump on his cousin's tramp. His favorite breakfast is cereal, he loves a 7 layer bean dip for lunches and lasagna for dinner. His favorite book right now is The Big Hungry Bear. His favorite color is yellow. He started preschool a few months ago and absolutely loves it. He only goes 2x a week but asks every morning if it can be preschool day. His favorite friend is Kyler who lives around the corner from us and also goes to Preschool with Brayden.
Happy Birthday my little man!