Friday, May 03, 2013

Kylie's 10 month Photo Shoot

This summer my goal is to learn photo shop really really well. I want to go through all of Kylie's pictures and change the background, fade the background just spice the picuters up a bit. Until than these will have to do!

The end of March Kylie hit her 10 month mark.  My lighting was once again off but hopefully I'll be able to fix that too!

Such a serious face!
 Kylie for the most part is a smiley little girl!
 I love the smile on the picture below. Just wish she hadn't looked down when I snapped it!
 Several weeks ago Kylie started this hand motion. She does it all the time. It's so fun to see her try to communicate with us.
 Something new Kylie has started to do is this!!!!
Drives this momma CRAZY!
I don't like it when they start taking off their headbands.
When she finally got it off this is the face she gave me...
Little stinker! She knows it drives me crazy when she takes them off.

 Once she discover's she's got a headband one it's very difficult to distract her. She just keeps trying to pull it off!
When Kylie hit her 10 month mark she was not crawling but she was close so very very close. On April Fool's Day I was in the kitchen cooking up our dinner when Kory called for me to "come watch this". My baby girl was crawling! Since than she's all over the place and is starting to get into everything! I hate our stairs!! They make me so nervous when she's around them. I'm on the look out for some sort of a gate I can put around them to keep her away from them since a normal baby gate won't work!

One night Emily forgot to hang her backpack up. She left it on the floor unzipped. Big mistake! Kylie took it upon herself to clean out that back pack.

 She's becoming quite the little mess maker!