Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brayden's Preschool Graduation

About 2 weeks ago Brayden had his Preschool graduation.  It was so fun to see all these cute little kids walking into the gym all together, in a line and being so quiet.

 On the stage each child had a turn holding the microphone. Brayden's part was B-r-a-y-d-e-n spells Brayden! 
After the kids had their chance to share with the audience that they could spell their name they sang some fun songs with actions.

 During each song that was sung a handful of kids were at the microphones singing to us.
 The last song was the biggest hit of the night. Each preschooler was given 2 glowstick bracelets, the lights were turned off and then they sang their last song with actions. It was fun to hear the kids and follow along with their glowstick actions.
 After the program each preschooler recieved a book and a bag full of goodies for the summer from Miss Wendy.
 Before leaving for the night the kids had their fill of all different kind of flavors of popcorn. So yummy!
Miss Wendy has been an AWESOME Preschool teacher. Brayden knew his letter's before beginning preschool but in the short time he attended he really took off with learning the sounds each letter made. He's had fun in preschool with painting, coloring, cutting and gluing. In March they made a leperchaun trap and caught a leprechaun. They left him in the trap and went on a walk in search of his gold with his Teacher's Aide. When the class got back to the classroom they discovered that the leprechaun had escaped and taped Miss Wendy to the wall. She was yelling, "Help me, Help me". The class was able to free Miss Wendy and play with what the leprechaun had left behind in his rush to leave. It's hilarious to hear Brayden tell this story. In April the Easter Bunny came to class and gave the kids treats. Afterwards they were able to go outside and search for hidden easter egg treasures. In May the class went of a field trip. They went to the park almost all day! They roasted hot dogs for lunch, played on the park's jungle gym and ice blocked down the hill. I wasn't to sure about having my baby boy go to preschool so soon but am so glad I did it. He has had so much fun and has made many friends. I get a kick when we're somewhere around town and I hear my 4 year old yell out, "Hi so and so I'm Brayden remember me? We went to school together!" He loved preschool and is missing it all ready. He keeps asking how many more days till he can go back. I'm so glad that Miss Wendy has made school "fun" for Brayden.