Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Anniversary/My Birthday

Kory and I celebrated our 12th  anniversary this past November. Our celebration's usually consist of dinner with out kids and a movie. Real exciting! This year we desperately wanted to do more however our anniversary fell on a Sunday with Thanksgiving later in the week. Kory was still in school and money was tight so we decided to hold off again and try around my birthday! After 12 years whats a few for weeks? As my birthday quickly approached we decided we were just going to do it. We wanted to rent a little cabin in Duck Creek for a weekend and hire Kory's oldest niece to watch the kids for us at home. We imagined spending the weekend alone, riding around on a rented snow mobile and enjoying the indoor jacuzzi.  As the day quickly approached we ran into a slight problem. No snow....  As we were looking elsewhere my mom, the best, called and offered us her  free 3 night stay at the Thompson Mansion Hotel that she had won earlier in the year. Who could turn that down? On top of that she and my dad took our 5 kids for the weekend.

The Thompson Mansion is an older home that was built across the street from The Brigham home young in St. George, Ut.  We were given the Legacy Suite. I loved the red door.

Besides our front door were two statues of an older couple. I hope that one day life will slow down enough that I can enjoy the quiet, serenity that these statues depicted. 

We picked our kids up from school and headed down to the warmer country Friday afternoon. We dropped the kiddo's off with Grandma that afternoon and Kory and I began our first weekend ever away! After checking in we went to Chilli's for dinner. It was great ordering something off the menu that I wanted to eat. Not something that I could share with one of our younger children. After dinner we discovered the $2 theater and watched Ender's Game. We have both read the book but it's been long enough that neither one of us remember all the fine details to compare the movie to. We enjoyed it and basing it off our lack of memory thought they followed the book pretty well.


Saturday morning, my birthday, we ate breakfast at the Black Bear Diner. Afterwards we spent a few hours in the St. George Temple doing sealings for some family names. We found us a red box and rented a few movies to keep us company later that night. We spent the afternoon searching for a radiator plug for Kory's new economy car that he just replaced the engine in. It wasn't what I would have planned but it was great just being together with no interruptions. 

 For my birthday dessert we stopped back in at the Black Bear Diner and bought a Raspberry Pie.
 Oooh la la that was yummy!

 Being in Utah we figured we could show up at any chapel on Sunday at 9,11 and 1 and find a sacrament meeting to attend. Being we didn't have kids to worry about we were hoping for the 11 o' clock. Our first chapel we came to we discovered they must have been on a different schedule than the norm. Everyone was still in class and sacrament meeting wasn't until 12. Not wanting to wait a few blocks down the street we came to the chapel across the street from the temple. Sure enough they had an 11 o' clock. It's so nice to be able to attend an LDS church where ever you are. We don't attend other wards very often especially ones we've never been to. It's comforting to know we'd be welcomed. It's comforting to know the "schedule" for the day. We sing the same songs, hear similar topics and I had to laugh to hear the same announcements over the pulpit. Following sacrament meeting we saw our old bishop and his wife from when we lived in Hurricane. We also saw Kory's cousin with her adult children. It's crazy how small the world can be at times. Following church Kory and I went on a drive and found his Aunt Dixie's home. We were able to visit with her for several hours and really enjoyed our visit with her. Sunday night was bitter sweet. We missed our kids but was also sad it was our last night alone, kidless!

Monday morning we slept in, went to breakfast and began our search again for that radiator plug. We finally made it back to pick up our kiddo's around noon. The kids had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa. They were able to play a lot outside on their bikes and played basketball. They got to spend some time with my younger siblings who live in the area. Brayden had his new best friend, his cousin, to play with the whole time. I miss our a lone time Kory and I had together but it's good to be together as a family again. I'm hoping we can do this a little more often in the future.