Friday, January 10, 2014

Finished with Massage School

It's official! Kory finished Massage Therapy School on January 3, 2014. He had fun, learned a lot and is ready to move on to the next stage of our life. He is going to take a few weeks to study up on the State Board exam and then will have to make a trip to Vegas to take the test. He wants to take the test this month some time. 

 I was able to get some pictures of him off of Facebook to share. 
This is Kory doing some sort of an ice therapy. Kory liked giving them better then receiving them. Although with this therapy I think everyone did. Kory is rubbing ice cubes up and down particular muscles. He says it starts off cold, gets to almost a burning cold hurting feel and then goes numb. Once it's numb your good to go. 

During Daylight Savings weekend Kory and a few other's from school had the opportunity to participate in the Frog Hollow Race. This was the 5th year for the "25" hour 1 day Mountain Bike race. They race begins Saturday night and into Sunday morning allowing for that extra hour of day light savings, hence the 25 hours in 1 day. The school had a tent set up and over the course of 2 day's gave *free* massages to the race participants. Kory really had a good time. He enjoyed working in a different type of atmosphere, with people who had plenty of "knots" to work out and the variety of people he saw. There is another local race coming up this Spring that he would like to participate in again.

Kory and his fellow classmates.

I'm glad school's over for him. It went by fast in some ways and in others it's been a long 6 months of schooling. He made the 2 hour round trip to Cedar City daily rain/shine and even snow. There were many times he beat the snow plows and pushed snow all the way with his little Geo Prism. There were many mornings I asked him not to go due to the terrible weather. Instead he'd leave early so he didn't have the need to rush it.  Instead of taking an hour to get to town it might take him 2.  He didn't miss a single day and graduated with a 3.95 GPA!  He had a different schedule then most schools. He had school Christmas Eve and had to go back after Christmas.  He also had school New Year's Eve and then finished up on January 2nd and 3rd. I wish he would have had more time to spend with the family while the kiddo's were out of school for their Christmas break but we made the best of it. School's out, let's shout!