Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Heaton Style

Every year Grandma Heaton throws a New Year's Eve party. In the past it usually starts around 6 pm and then ends at the church for the ward party. Being Grandma was serving a mission the past 2 years she was really looking forward to hosting her annual party again. This year it worked best for the majority of the family to do it today, the day before new year's eve. Seven of the nine siblings were able to make it so it was hosted at the Town Hall. 

It started at 1 this year and ran long into the afternoon. With everyone working together our lunch was Cafe Rio style followed by Root Beer Floats. While this mom was busy helping Grandma and Daddy wasn't home from school yet Kylie found cousin Jessica to snuggle with. Jessica must have done something right as Kylie fell asleep on her shoulder.

After lunch Grandma had 2 pinata's for the kiddo's. 

 This is Madelyn taking her turn.

Way too much candy!!!
But... the kids loved it. 

Following the pinata a charades game was played.

While the kids were busy playing charades the dad's visited.

When the kids tired of Charades we had a white elephant gift exchange.

Brayden lucked out opening a box of Star Bursts.
 No one took it from him so he came home with even more candy.

After the white elephant exchange the candy bar game was played. You can't tell but this is Madelyn all dressed up. She was the 1st to roll doubles.

The candy bar game is always a good one. Who doesn't like chocolate??

As if all that chocolate and candies weren't enough our time together ended with ice cream sundaes.
We had a great afternoon visiting with one another. It's always great to see some of Kory's siblings that live up north that we don't get to see too often.