Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

The girls were so excited as soon as sun went down Christmas Eve. They knew it was getting closer and closer to when they could open their special gift that Mom picks out for them. The girls were very photogenic and wanted a picture taken all night long. Here they are are with the anticipation written all over their face.

It's matching pajama's!
What a surprise...

Excitement was sure in the air. These two wouldn't give me a normal smile. They had to give monster faces or growling faces or glaring faces. This was best normal picture I could get. Looks like Hunter's about ready to strangle little brother who has a big smile on his face! These two really do love each other. 

Look at us!

Why or why is it so hard to get a decent Christmas Eve picture?

Here's the best of the best.

The kids were so round up Kory decided to try different poses.
 Dog pile on Hunter!

Kylie's not quite old enough to be the topper of the pyramid. We tried though.

Kids weren't ready for bed so we played the stick game using a wooden spoon.
In the end it was a tie. Hunter:4 Madelyn:4

 The girls insisted a carrot for each reindeer.

While the girls were getting Santa's plate ready and writing their notes the boys were playing Deer Hunter 2014 on the iPad. They were shooting deer with names like Blitzen, Donner, Dasher and Prancer. 
Daddy and Hunter finally quit playing when Emily had a small melt down. How in the world is Santa going to come if Hunter keeps shooting all his reindeer? Emily and Brayden kept asking if Santa was really going to make it without his reindeer? I had to keep telling them that just like there are 2 Toby's in her class and 2 Sara's in Brayden's class there are other reindeer with names like Donner and Prancer too. Hunter and Daddy were not shooting at Santa's reindeer! This silly game sure made an interesting conversation for the evening.