Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Goodies

My kids last day of school before Christmas break was the Friday before Christmas. Knowing we were hosting the Heaton Family Christmas Dinner/Party at our house again this year we spent the weekend cleaning. My kids were so excited come Monday to be able to play with friends. Having had basketball every single day for the past few weeks my kids hadn't been able to play at all after school. The excitement was in the air. They were so disappointed to learn  that no one could play until after Christmas. Everyone seemed to be getting ready for Christmas or cleaning their own houses. Talk about disappointment! This is just one more reason why I am anxiously waiting to move. My kids will have more than one friend in town. If one can't play you simply call on another. This is something we definitely do not have right now. 

Not wanting my kiddo's to spend their 1st two day's of vacation being couch potato's from boredom we spent a lot of our time in the kitchen. Madelyn helped make goody bag's for Dad's home teaching families. She did a great job making all the gift tags. 

We made candy covered pretzel's for the 1st time. The kids' really wanted to make enough to take around town but they are way to time consuming and too expensive. We made homemade caramel to dip the pretzel's in first. Then when that hardened a bit we dipped it into melted chocolate. The kids then sprinkled them with different toppings. We had chopped pecans (the favorite), coconut, mini choc. chips and Christmas sprinkles. They were pretty yummy.

Madelyn spent some time on pinterest looking for something fun and different to make. She came across Santa Bread. Using my own bread recipe she made her 1st Santa Bread.

 I think it turned out cute and it took her quite some time to make it. Time well spent in the kitchen!

Emily, Brayden, Kylie and I made a cinnamon roll wreath for Christmas morning. Emily insisted that instead of using white frosting we needed Christmas colors.  

Hunter wasn't terribly interested in baking so he decided to use my rubber train molds for something. He wanted to make chocolate trains but knowing I didn't have any where near the chocolate he'd need he decided to go the jello route. Following the direction's by himself be made jiggler's on his own. He did a good job.

My kids still spent some time on the couch but we had several hours of fun in the kitchen. We laughed, we played, we teased. It was a great time to spend together. 

Madelyn while searching for a movie on Netflix came across The Next Best Baker. The host of the show is also the host of Cake Boss, her favorite show to watch. We watched a few episodes while we were doing the dishes each day and just cleaning up our mess from baking. We're hooked! My kids made me feel good when I heard a lot of , "Mom, you could do better then her." or "Mom, you are so much better at that then him" or "Mom, you should get on that show. You'd definitely win the $100,000". They make some real amazing cakes. It's given me the bug. I've got to make another cake. It's been way too long! Maybe for my own birthday in a few weeks?