Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hunter's Basketball

Hunter loves basketball. It's a sport he never played until we moved to Alton. This was his 3rd season playing and he has improved so much. Usually teams consist of 2 grades which in the past has been hard and a bit frustrating. There are 4 quarters to each game each being 10 minutes long. When you've got 15+ kids on a team it doesn't leave a lot of playing time. This year it was decided to break our usual team into their individual grade. We all loved this. This gave our team a total of 7 players. This really allowed the kids to play! Hunter played  almost 1/2 a game through out the entire game. He really enjoyed this. It's something that has never happened before.

Hunter had a new coach this year, Coach Jeff and he was great! He really helped the kids work on the skills they lacked and encouraged them to do better. He was not a yeller and never got down on the boys for making mistakes. He was always encouraging them to do their best and what they can learn from their mistakes.

This year Hunter really picked up his speed. He's not the fastest runner but he's not the slowest either.

After our final game Coach Jeff thanked Hunter for always having a positive attitude. He said it never matters whether our team is winning or loosing Hunter always has a smile on his face and words of encouragement. I thought it was a nice compliment. Hunter thought it was embarrassing.

Hunter also did much better at defense. In year's past he's been afraid to "touch" other players. He's not a mean kid and had a hard time blocking, getting in front of them and just trying to steal the ball from other's. This year he wasn't as hesitant to block with his body or try to steal the ball.

Hunter did great. It was such a good season. His team had to play every team twice. He was pretty excited when they beat our 6th grade team. Hunter's team only lost 2 times and it was to the same team. Unfortunately it was his 1st and last games played which was kind of sad. Basketball usually runs into the middle of January but this year it was over by Christmas break. It's nice knowing it's over but it wasn't easy with how quick the season went. Hunter had practice 3 times a week with games 2 times a week. After 3 p.m our family life revolved around basketball.  It wasn't uncommon for us to eat dinner after 7 on those game nights. I'm glad he had fun and I'm so glad he had this year's experience. I hope he can have a similar experience again in the future. I'm hoping living in a bigger area next year will allow for this. Living in a bigger area I'm hoping will allow for more coach's, closer to home games and smaller team's. Having a smaller team this year made such a huge difference. We really loved it!