Monday, December 30, 2013

Personalized Dinner Plates

One of my projects I did at the school for the Festival of Tree's was personalized plates. I did this in Hunter's class and since than he's been talking it up with his siblings. They really wanted to do it too. So I went back to the dollar store and bought 7 glass plates and for a Family Home Evening we created our own personal art piece. 






This kid cracks us up on a daily basis. His picture is of a monster with really big teeth eating tiny little bugs around him. And the bugs were so hot that his monster was breathing fire!

Baby girl took a liking to the blue and black marker's. Her plate just looked awful. So despite my families wishes using rubbing alcohol I wiped it clean and mommy helped her do her plate.

So this is actually the 3rd time I've done this project now. The 1st time it was on dollar store plates but the marker's were meant for this project. These special marker's are extremely expensive though. These past 2 times I have used permanent markers and then baked them at 400 degree's for 45 minutes. The kids school ones did really good. I washed Hunter's in the dishwasher numerous times and his picture stayed. One morning he forgot to rinse his plate off and I had to scrub dried egg off it and of course I took the picture away. For our family plates I used the same markers but the pictures didn't stay at all. The 1st dishwasher cycle washed a lot of the drawings away. I think it was the plates. Even though both sets were bought at a Dollar Store the plates are different. There's no packaging telling me what kind of plates we used on either event. My kids aren't terribly sad about their plates because they know one of these day's we're going to sit down and do it again!