Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Hurricane with my parents. All of my siblings were able to make it this year and we had so much fun hanging out together. 

Kylie eventually warmed up to her Uncle Matt.

The kids spent a lot of time in Grandpa's garage playing darts. 
It's Noah's turn with Hunter and Emily waiting for their turns. I think Uncle Jonathan was having some fun too! 

Madelyn's turn at showing of her skill's. 

Aunt Camille offered her skill of extended eye lashes. 
Go Grandma!!

Plenty of new toys to play with for Brayden. 

At night Grandpa built a fire for roasting marshmallow's.

Who doesn't love a soft, sticky, warm, melt in your mouth marshmallow?
Jamie loved his.

GG got to come visit us for a few hours. She slept most of the time but it's nice to have her around. I don't know how much longer she's going to be with us and I'll take all the time with her we can get. The past few times during my visit she's very quiet. She doesn't talk doesn't even mumble anymore.  She just sits in her chair and stares at me and then her eyes seem to glaze over and she's not looking at me anymore. I miss our conversations. I don't think she know's who I am and she certainly doesn't know who the kids are. For a few minutes during the weekend we went to her house for a short visit. I was sitting beside her just talking away with no response from her. Kory walked up behind me and out of the blue she said, "How are you Kory?" That's all she said. There was no conversation, she didn't even respond to his comment but she knew who he was.  I am so thankful for these very, very  rare moments that Grandma does know who we are. Even if it's just for a brief moment. Grandma is in there somewhere. 

Kylie sharing her cereal necklace with cousin Brionney.

My kids loved the warmer weather than at home they got to play in.

Cousin Carlaya helping Brionney and Mya ride bikes.
It was a fun packed weekend and was sorry to see it end. I enjoyed the visiting and the kids enjoyed the hours of playing with cousins.