Thursday, December 05, 2013

Festival of Tree School Crafts

Each year our community hosts an event that we call Festival of Tree's. Everyone is welcomed. The Booster Club (4 of us) are in charge of Santa's Workshop, Tree's, Raffles and Vendor's. The high school is in charge of food and Santa.

In previous year's our Santa's Workshop consisted of Oriental Trading stuff to sale. Last year I was on the Booster Club and was quite disgusted with what we were selling. I absolutely hate giving my children money to buy cheap throw away toys that are usually broken within hours.  I vowed then that if we were still here and I was on the Booster Club there would be a serious change to our Santa's Workshop. It took a lot of time and a lot of planning but we were successful. I started back in September and scheduled a day with each of our teacher's to come in and as a class make a project. I was at the school almost once a week during October and November doing the following crafts.

6th Grade made word blocks. We sold them each for $15

5th Grade made personalized plates. They were sold for $5

4th Grade made "Snow Men" magnet's. All the kids made 6 and we sold them in their own set's for $3.

3rd Grade made personalized Christmas Bulbs. I took there hand print with white paint and then turned their finger's into little snow men. We sold these for $5

2nd Grade made a total of 6 gift tags each using stamps and scrapbook paper. I put these in sets of 6 and sold them for $2.

1st Grade made Advent Calendar's. I guess I never took a final picture. Using bottle caps the kids made all the magnets. I than using my cricut applied vinyl that said Christmas Countdown and the numbers 1-25. They turned out pretty cute. We had 4 different designs with a total of 12 calendar's. 

For Kindergarten I took every ones hand prints in salt dough. I brought them home, baked them and then painted them to look like Santa. We sold these for $5. This one is Brayden's I did his first to make sure it worked. If I were to do it again I'd use plaster. I made one for Kylie too but both of them have already broken. Kylie's was put down to hard on the counter and broke. Brayden's was pushed off the counter and broke. I know plaster would break easily too but having used both now I think the plaster is a little stronger. 

For Preschool I made hand print hot pads. We sold these for $2.

I love the way our crafts turned out. The kids had fun doing a craft at school they normally wouldn't do. The kids were great and the teacher's were a big help. I really appreciated them letting me come into their classroom's to do these projects.


Sheri said...

I love all your creative ideas. Good job.

katielyn said...

HOLY COW!!! Those are all fabulous! What a great idea and what a HUGE undertaking!