Thursday, February 20, 2014

Madelyn's Basketball Season

Basketball season is coming to a close. We've had practices every single day and games on almost every Saturday since November. It's been a long 4 four months but we've had a good time. This was Madelyn's 2nd year playing on a team and she loved it! She improved so much this year and really got into the game.  Her dribbling improved drastically from last year. She definitely is learning how to take control of the ball. 

She's my peace maker at home and does not like contention. After a game or two with mom and dad yelling at her from the sidelines to "get in there, take that ball!" She decided to become a little more aggressive. She finally decided it was O.K to steal the ball, knock it out of their hands or to just grab it from them. 

Our coach this year was Aunt Harmony. She ended up missing a few games and so some us parents stepped in. The girls did a great job having so many different parents coaching them. 

Madelyn's shots really improved. She made at least one basket almost every game. There were a few games she was really on a roll and made several baskets for the team.

Madelyn really played her best this year and it showed. She was one of the top 3 players on her team!

She prefer's to stand with her hands in the air guarding her opponent than when she's being guarded.

I'm glad Madelyn enjoyed her season of Basketball. It makes the many hours of getting her back and forth from practices and all the "away games" that take over an hour to get there one way worth it. 

I hope she can keep up the good work and keep practicing to improve her skills. She just may be the basketball player of our family.