Saturday, February 22, 2014

President's Day

President's Day Weekend we spent in Hurricane. Kory and I were able to attend the temple Saturday evening while my parent's watched our kids. On Sunday we went to church and then Kory's Uncle Rich from Mesa Arizona came to visit with us. He was going to be in Las Vegas all week for work but took the time to drive a few more hours to visit with our family. It was great seeing him again. He and his wife Ann were like grandparents to my kids while we were living in Arizona. We miss them. 

We headed home Monday morning with the intention of spending a few hours in Zion's National Park. Being we buy a yearly pass to drive through we thought it would be the perfect time to actually stop and use our pass. We didn't realize it was a "free" day and the park was packed. It took us a while to find a parking spot but we eventually was able to get out and enjoy the great outdoor's.  

There was still snow and ice on the ground is some spots.

Kylie had fallen asleep and wasn't ready to be woken up. Daddy got to carry her a lot of the way.

Brayden enjoyed playing with his binocular's. He was trying to find a bear but didn't have much luck.

Kylie finally woke up enough to try walking by herself. Some spots were pretty steep for a 21 month old and she needed a hand to help her. 

The kids loved all the little ridges that they could climb on.

Here we are taking a little break. Enjoying the warm sunshine on our backs.

Our girls!

When it was time to head back down Kylie did not want to walk. Madelyn was hoping she could help her but didn't have much luck.

Mommy and Brayden taking a rest.

Daddy wanted a turn with the camera and wanted to capture some motion pictures. This was one of the best ones. Emily jumping over a rock.

Mommy and Kylie playing in the sand.

Brayden wanted to build a castle but Kylie was trying to help him. He finally went a few feet away to get away from her "help".

Castles are fun to build but they are even better to knock down.

While the little ones and I were playing in the sand Daddy and Hunter were rolling sand rocks. Watching them burst when they finally hit bottom.

We had so much fun! We really need to take advantage of our Zion's Park pass more often.