Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentines Day

It's Valentine's Day!
My kiddo's woke up to a yummy a breakfast of egg in the middle of toast and their favorite of the day, heart shaped strawberries. 

They came downstairs to our heart table cloth on and sprinkled with candy. I had intention's of making homemade candies and filling a little heart box for each of them. My week ended up being packed full and my best intention's just didn't happen. In the end they all received a heart shaped, crunch bar on a stick.

Brayden loved his snake candy!

I spent my day at the school doing class parties and when I got home I was exhausted. I must have forgotten to take a picture of our Valentines Dinner. It was our usual, Spaghetti and meat balls, heart shaped roll, red jello salad, and red Kool-aid. For my kids it was perfect!

Madelyn was invited to a friends birthday party later that night. We weren't given the invitation until the day before. Not having a gift appropriate for a 10 year old girl we ran up to the nearest gas station and came up with this candy card.  Sounds like it was the hit of the party.