Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duck Creek Reunion

Last year my mom suggested that it was time for our immediate family
(my borthers & sisters) to start doing family reunions periodically. This summer was our 1st one that I was put in charge of. I was able to find this 5 bedroom, 3 bath w/ loft cabin that sleeps 17+ people on The cabin was huge and came with plenty of beds for everyone including kids to sleep in. The kitchen was stocked with dishes, pots and pans and anything else you'd need to feed your family with. It cost about $1200 for the 4 day/3 night weekend. Splitting this between my siblings and parents it cost each family $200. I didn't think this was too bad. The accommodations were definitely better than any recent hotel stays we've had.

To sweeten this little family reunion my Grandpa Hunter (whom Hunter is named after) was driving through and decided to drop by and stay the night with us. The last time I saw him or Grandma Becky was at Emily's blessing. Almost 8 years ago. There were several family member's that had never met Grandpa Hunter. We had such a great time sitting around and visiting with them.

Grandpa James Hunter

Emily welcoming Grandma Becky!

Brionney teaching her new GG and GGpa how to work the ipad.

12 of his great grand kids from his daughter Heather.

My siblings with our grandparents.
Hanna, Sheri, Tina, Grandma, Grandpa, Jonathan, Travis, Matthew

During our reunion we celebrated 2 birthday's. 
Miss Elena turned the big "5". Her parents requested a "Lego" theme birthday cake. Elena's dad forgot to bring the lego candles. Oops!

My sister Hanna also had a birthday. Knowing our family is not into cake we went a different route for the 2nd celebration. We used Hanna's favorite soda and candy bars. She was so kind to share with her nieces and nephews. 

The girl cousins had a blast finding horny toads.

While the boys climbed trees

and chopped wood for our nightly bon fires.
One day we had planned a trip to Navajo Lake, just a few minutes away from our cabin. Grandpa brought his rafts and life jackets for everyone. The kids had fun despite the really chilly weather.

My kids, a little more accustomed to the chillier weather, didn't seem to mind getting wet. If the wind hadn't been so windy I think more would have ventured into the water. Thank goodness for the rafts. We still had fun playing in the water.

Most of the adults do to the chilly weather decided to stay ashore.

 But there's one in every group. And here he is.... Uncle Jason showed us all up by taking a quick dive into the cold water. He said down under wasn't too cold, it was just the surface.

Love this little boy!

On another day we took everyone to Mammoth Caves. This is our favorite spot on Cedar Mountain and have been here many, many times. The family spent a few hours going in and out of the caves. This is the main entrance to the cave. Inside there are 3-4 different tunnels leading you out at different spots. 

The kids had a blast going in one way and out a different way. Some of these tunnels get quite tight and you end up having to crawl on your hands and knees. My kids love this about them. They feel like it's quite the adventure.

On our way back to the cabin Grandpa's truck got a flat. Kory and Uncle Matt were able to fix it.

These 2 little boys were there to help too.

We had such a fun, enjoyable and memorable weekend. I love periodically getting away from home. No phones, no internet, no schedule. The kids were able to spend time outside playing with their cousins and just having fun. 
To make this trip even more memorable I got a flat on the way home. Yeah for Uncle Matt and Grandpa for being there to help me!