Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No longer a baby....

My baby girl, Kylie, has conquered her last mile stone of babyhood.
She is diaper free!
She is no longer a baby but a toddler...

Of my five babies three have been potty trained/accident free (including night time) by 18 months and one by 24 months. Kylie is just shy of being 2 1/2 and just recently has become diaper free. It took me a little longer with her. I have excuses out the wazoo of why it's taken me so long. Some are really good like being at the kids school every day or not wanting to potty train in the dead of winter when it's just to cold to have her go bare bum or knowing we were moving very soon. 

 She is my last, she is my baby and I guess I wanted to prolong this last feat that would keep her my  baby.  She's been ready for this last step but it was me who wasn't. After our last big reunion away from home I decided it was time. Her and I hit it hard that 1st week. Our 1st day she had one accident. On day 2, not a single accident! On day 3 mom left her with dad 2 times to pick up the older kids. She had a total of 2 accidents both of which happened while Mom was gone. So we'll blame dad for those. (Hehehe) The rest they say is history. No more accident's, even when she got a little stomach ache and ended up with diarrhea. She has done so well. 

During our week of staying home and getting use to the potty I had to run into St. George on a last minute errand for Kory. I took the chance and left her in her undies. No accidents! We stopped at Target for a potty break and while there had her pick out her new big girl undies. She loves her ponies!

I'll admit it makes me a little sad knowing that there are no more baby steps. Not that I'm going to miss wiping a poopy smeared bum. This just means we get to move on to the toddler stages like getting dressed by herself, putting the silverware away, making her bed and tying her own shoes. Even though she's not a little baby anymore she will always be my baby! 


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