Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lego Land Family Vacation

Our family just spent the most amazing 3 day/4 night stay in Carlsbad California. We spent 2 days at Lego Land and our last day at beach. In preparation of our big trip I made everyone matching t-shirts. Our shirts were a hit in more ways than one. We did get a lot and I mean a lot of compliments on them. I worked hard on these and all those compliments made me feel good. It doesn't hurt to have your ego boosted every once in a while. However, the best thing about them was how easy it was to keep track of our family. Although it is the off season for Lego Land there were still a lot people around. It was great to be able to scan quickly and be able to account for everyone while milling through a crowd.

Lego Land opens at 10 am. We were there waiting in line with everyone else. I was told by several people that to avoid the long lines at theme parks you should head to the very back first and then make your way to the front. We tried it and it worked! 

This was our first ride at Lego Land. It takes you up and then drops you. It takes you up again, drops you a little, takes you back up some more and then drops you again. The kids loved it. Madelyn thought she might be sick at first but that quickly went away and she too enjoyed it. Kylie was to short for this ride so her and I got to stand by and watch.

Several of the rides had these lego tables set up. The purpose is to give kids something to do while the parents wait in line. Being we were some of the first ones in line we didn't have much of a wait but the kids enjoyed the hands on play. 

Lego Land has something called a parent swap. Because Kylie was to short again (which really was a joke for this ride) her and I got to wait at the exit for the rest of the family to come out. When their car came out Kory got out to watch Kylie, the kids stayed in and then this time I got to do the ride with them. It's kind of nice for the kids because they only stand in line once but get to ride twice.  

This ride Brayden and Kylie were to short to ride on. Dad waited with the little ones while it was my turn to ride with the bigger kids. It spun us around and around and around. 

 This was a fun boat ride. Again Kylie was to short so her and I got to watch from the fence. 
Brayden rode with dad. 

Here's Hunter. This ride took you in a big circle. Periodically large spouts of water would shoot up and get the riders a little wet. 

Those spouts of water was caused by buttons that the onlookers could push. While waiting Kylie got quite a few of the rider's wet.

The girls were able to ride together and took turns at the wheel. 

All throughout Lego Land there are lego figurines. They are actually built out of regular sized lego's. The worker's are pretty knowledgeable and could tell us how many lego pieces it took for each life size figurine. 

We came across a Duplo Lego room. This room was perfect for Kylie and Brayden too. There are buckets and buckets full of lego's. The kids could build whatever they wanted. It was a great chance for mom and dad to sit and rest our legs while kids played. 

While the other kids were building with these larger sized lego's Hunter went around and collected all the car pieces. He built a train with them all. When other kids came in they oohed and aahed at his creation. It was kind of funny to see the other's reaction's of something so simple. 

Right next door we discovered another hands on play area. In this room kids built cars and then raced them on a track. We signed our name on a sheet of paper and was able to check out the base of the car that had 4 wheels. The kids then had many different tubs full of lego pieces that they could build with.

When your car was built you put it on the track and waited for someone to race against you. Or you just push the button and see how fast your car can go.

The track reminded me of the pine wood derby tracks only much better. The kids loved seeing how quickly there cars could move.

On the other side of the room they had these huge plastic/foam legos. Daddy and Kylie spent time there building things.

In the end it became an upside down pyramid. Dad wanted a picture of everyone's face in a hole but Kylie refused to cooperate. There's always one...

Here's lego batman.....

Madelyn wanted her picture taken too.

The kids really got into the roller coaster's. This is one that Brayden was too short to ride. So just the 3 older ones and Dad rode it.

But this one Brayden was able to ride. He loved it! 

Brayden thought it was pretty cool he could stick his head in the lion's mouth. 

Driving time.
Hunter and Madelyn passing each other on the road. 

 Miss Emily

Hunter again. 

While the older 3 were on one track Brayden was on another. He like everyone else thought it was pretty fun to be able to drive all by themselves.

Emily with the Friends line of lego's. 

I loved this sweet ride. It helped that Kylie was allowed on it to. Our family took up two boats as we floated down Fairy Tale River. We saw the 3 Little Pigs, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstock, Pinocchio and many more all made out of lego's.

 It was a great surprise to discover Lego Land has a huge splash pad. We knew they had a water park but that it was only opened on Saturday's. The kids wanted to do some more roller coasters before the park closed so dad took everyone and left me with Kylie. She loves going to the park at home and loves to swing. She was quite o.k with being left behind. 

They had a little water shooting out underneath the swing. She loved kicking at it. They have 2 splash pads. One in the shape of a ship for the older kids and then next to it a smaller one for the toddler's. 

Kylie loved the water fun.

By the time our dad and kids came back to get us she was soaked. Definitely planning on bringing swimsuits the next day.

The other kids seeing how much fun she was having jumped right in.
Madelyn purposely stood under the bucket to get drenched.

We had some very happy and soaking wet kids by the time we had to leave the park. 

Our 1st day at Lego Land was a success. We could hardly wait to come back the next day and have some more fun!