Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Orchestra Concert

Last year Hunter was able to begin playing a string instrument at school. He really wanted to play the cello but there were none available at the time so he started out with a violin. The violin had a huge crack through the bridge and after a few months the bridge finally broke completely. He then spent a few day's on a broken but playable viola while waiting for the school's new shipment to arrive. He was delighted when he was told there was a cello for him! Although he only played half a school year he picked it up pretty quick. At the beginning of this school year, now at the Intermediate school,  he chose to sign up for orchestra and to play the cello. After playing in front of the teacher he was placed in Intermediate Orchestra. He was ecstatic. His teacher told both of us that he has to much knowledge and plays to well for the beginning class but he's not quite were he should be to be placed in Intermediate Orchestra. But she thought with a lot of work and practicing he would be able to "catch up" with the rest of them. He's done well. He loves this instrument and is always willing to practice. A few weeks into the school year and he has "caught up" with the class. 

We had our 1st Orchestra Fall Concert to attend this week. Hunter did very well.

The concert took on a spooky theme and so played some songs that matched the upcoming holiday.
They did a great job!

Madelyn is participating in a early morning Orchestra program put on by the school district since it is not offered during the school hour. She chose to play the Viola. Her concert followed Hunter's but these young kids were to dress up in their Halloween costumes.

Fearing that no one would recognize her as Margo from Despicable Me she chose to wear last year's clown costume.

Such a large group of 1st year elementary orchestra students. 

Madelyn is enjoying her time in the orchestra. However, she doesn't have the love for the strings like Hunter does. She doesn't want to quit orchestra but she's thinking maybe while in 6th grade she'll try her hand at a band instrument like the flute.

Both kids did a superb job! All that practicing at home really paid off.