Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scripture Study

Kory and I have always tried to hold regular scripture study. Sometimes it's been before school sometimes it's been after school. Other times it's been during breakfast or right after dinner. At this time in our lives we try to have it each night at 7:30 right before bedtime. Now that Brayden is in school we have him sit next to Kory or I and have him follow along with us. With Kylie still being 2 she usually sits quietly on the floor with her baby doll or a book that she looks at. This particular night an older sibling grabbed her a baby doll and another one grabbed her a book. She didn't want either. Instead she grabbed a bible out of our scripture tote and tried to follow along too.  

Not wanting to be left out. 
 I am thankful for the example all of us set for the youngest in the family. I hope that she like her older siblings will come to learn the importance of the scriptures and having regular scripture study. 

A few weeks ago we discovered that the scripture app on our ipad will "read" aloud the scriptures. I am loving this. The reader has a deep, male, audible voice. It's made it a lot easier to read at night. The scripture reading goes much faster giving us a little more time to discuss what was read before we loose interest of some of the kids. Last night we read a chapter that had 60 verses in it. We did it easily and had a great discussion afterwards. Where as before if taking turns with the kids to read we would have only read 20 verses or so and turned that chapter into 3 nights worth of reading. The whole meaning of the chapter gets lost after taking 3 nights to read it. I love our new way of scripture study and the kids love that we're using electronics to do it. It's a win-win!