Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time To Say Good Bye- Day 4

Sunday morning before we hit the road I made sure to take some pictures of where we stayed. This was our home away from home. The kids loved that the front door was "cut in half" so that they could open the top but leave the bottom closed. The weather was great and most of the time we were at the house we usually had it open. 

Here's our tiny little family room. 

With the weather being as nice as it was the kids spent a lot of their mornings and evenings outside.

We had plenty of seating for everyone.

Brayden loved the open pit. Our 2nd night here the people renting the sister house to this cottage came out and asked if the kids wanted to roast marshmallow's with their kids. What kid doesn't like an open flame and the chance to play with fire? The kids loved it. 

We had a ping pong table out front too. The kids really enjoyed playing and having family tournaments over and over again.

The little ones tried to get into it to.

Entertaining himself with an extra ping pong ball.

This was our view in the evenings just at the end of our street. It was beautiful!

 On VRBO I found this perfect little cottage for us to rent at $100/night. With taxes it cost us a total of $485 for our 4 night stay. It was perfect! It was also only 4 miles away from Lego Land. Most of the hotel's near Lego Land were over $150/night. A little farther away I found some cheaper and not very good rating hotels for about $85/night. It would have been a little cheaper in our sleeping cost if we went with the $85/night hotel but I can't imagine having all 7 of us in one small room for this long of a period. Lego Land was only open from 10-5 so we had several hours during the day to entertain ourselves. Renting the cottage gave us a full sized kitchen that allowed us to fix and eat all of our meals at "home". That alone I think saved us a ton of money that we otherwise would have had to spend in restaurants and fast food joints if we had rented a hotel. Having a place for the kids to be able to play outside on their own was also a great convenience.  

We were not ready to end our family vacation Sunday morning but the time had come... We loaded up the car and hit the road. Once again we got stuck in traffic but...

 the kids didn't seem to notice it as much this time. They were being entertained by a movie on the lap top.

Unlike our 2 hour standing still jaunt on the way in this one only had us creeping along the highway for an hour. We don't usually take the lap top to watch movies in the car but having had to deal with so much stand still traffic this trip I'm really glad we had it.

The kids had a blast during our vacation. Kory and I really enjoyed it too. We used the money we made at the Kane Country Fair selling navajo taco's to pay for this trip. The kids are all for selling again next year and taking another family vacation with it's earnings. They are already making a list of the possibilities.