Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day3- Carlsbad Beach

Saturday morning the kids were a bit bummed that our Lego Land experience was over. But they had no idea what was in-store for them at the beach. Hunter, Madelyn and Emily have all been to the beach. However during our last visit Emily was 1, Madelyn was 3 and Hunter was 4. We had gone to California for a cousins wedding and decided to make a quick detour on the way home. We didn't have swim suits or toys and we didn't stay more then 30 minutes. I remember it being windy and chilly. None of them remember their last experience. 

Daddy and Hunter had spent several day's teasing the younger kids about there being sharks in the water. Brayden and Kylie really took it to heart. Kylie was saying,"no, no, no" all the way to the beach. She didn't want to get out of her car seat and then refused to walk. The closer and closer daddy got to the beach the more upset she became. It didn't help that Brayden was close to tears also saying he didn't want to get eaten by sharks and die!

One scared and unhappy girl!

One happy boy when he realized what the beach was and that he didn't have to go swimming with the sharks. 

Our cottage that we stayed in had a box full of beach toys and a boogie board that we could use. Hunter and Madelyn really loved the boogie board and spent most of their time on it.   

Some of my kids were afraid that they would get out to far and not be able to swim back to shore. Before we left home (in Utah) they asked if we could take grandpa's life jackets with us. I finally relented but I really didn't think they'd use them. Madelyn's my cautious girl. When she got the courage and was able to rise above the fear of encountering a shark she wanted to take the boogie board out a ways but insisted on wearing a life jacket. 

The waves bringing her back to shore. 
It wasn't much of a surprise to me that my children were the only ones wearing life jackets. I can only imagine what the locals and other tourists thought of us.  

Daddy watching over the kids trying to use the boogie boards.

Emily twirling and dancing in the sand. 

Madelyn wanted to be buried and asked Emily to help her. 

When she finally crawled out she said, "look mom a new legging design". 

All that sand in her hair. 

Dad was a good sport and let the kids bury him.

After watching their dad Brayden and Kylie decided they wanted buried to.

Emily loved writing in the sand and then seeing how long it took for a wave to come wash it all away. 

Hunter's turn at the boogie board.

He finally got brave enough to swim out a bit and try to ride the waves.

These 2 enjoyed chasing birds. 

Brayden wanted a go with the board. He put it in the sand and thought that when the waves came in it would take him out to the ocean. 

The wave came in and he lost his balance.

It knocked him down.    

 Then he says he saw a sting ray and was done with trying to go out in the ocean.

Brayden and Emily digging for sea shells.
Emily wanted to be safe to and insisted on wearing a life jacket.
I think we need to go to the beach more often.

Kylie never did venture into the water by herself. She was content if mom held her hand but preferred to play in the sand. 

We spent 4 hours at the beach. I was really surprised how quickly those hours ticked away. The kids had so much fun and wanted to go back later that afternoon but we never did make it. We spent our time doing other things and lost day light.