Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emily's 8th Birthday Party

With Emily turning 8 she was able to help plan her big friend birthday party. She chose to have an Ice Cream party. Being new in the area I had 25 invitation's printed off and she passed them all out. I had 3 that actually RSVP'd but had a total of 13 little girls show up. The fun we had....

The party was planned for outside in our back yard. But about 5 minutes before our 1st guest arrived I heard a clasp of thunder and the heaven's opened. It had been cloudy on and off all day but it wasn't suppose to rain for another 2 day's! Quickly we grabbed everything and did our best at setting everything back up inside.  

We couldn't have an ice cream party without ice cream. Earlier I had dipped and rolled cones in melted chocolate and sprinkles. I think they turned out cute and the girls thought they were great. The girls chose whether they wanted their ice cream in a cone or a cup with banana's and different kinds of toppings. By the end of the party most had enjoyed ice cream both way's. They couldn't believe I told them they could have as much as they wanted with no limits. I'm sure the parent's were appreciative of the sugar rush their daughters came home on.

While waiting for everyone to arrive the girls decorated white sacks that would later hold the candy from the pinata.

Our 1st game was the balloon stomping game. It took them all a few minutes to get into it but they eventually started attacking each other. 

Another game was a dice game. The girls were put in 2 teams and it was race who could build there ice cream cone the fastest by rolling doubles in order of double ones through double six's.

Apparently I didn't take pictures of our 3rd game. I don't even remember what we did now.
Oh well.... when we were finished with that the rain stopped for a moment so we all went outside to do the pinata real quick.  

 I love the way our pinata turned out. The girls and Aunt Hanna helped me make it over the course of several day's. My favorite part was the cherry on top!
 We let the birthday girl take the 1st swing.

 All those kids with all that candy....

As the candy was being collected the rain started up again so we all darted inside for present time.

She collected quite the loot.

Our goody bag this time was quite simple. An ice cream cone of course (cotton candy in a cone). Emily attached a thank you card to each one and gave them to her friends as they were picked up. 

It was a quick party only an hour in a half but plenty of time for Emily to have a good time with her newly acquainted friends. For Emily this was the best party ever!