Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emily turns 8

Emily turned 8 on a Monday this year. 
We chose to have her party before everyone went to school. 

 I love our tradition of  having the birthday child get a plate of stacked pancakes that match the new age of the child for breakfast. My older 2 have decided they don't care for pancakes and always choose to do something different. But this sweet girl of mine loves me. She let me do our pancake tradition. Here's 8 small pancakes with 8 burning candles. She decided after she blew them out that 8 was quite a few pancakes and so shared some of her's with her siblings. 

 So happy to finally be 8!

Emily is my child that loves stuffed animals. Especially monkey's. For Christmas she received Cuddles the monkey. For her birthday she asked for Chimp, Cuddles baby. (These animals are 2 different brands but she saw "Chimp" at the store and ever since have said it was "Cuddles" baby.) She was so very happy to receive Chimp!

Can't believe she's 8! She's growing up to fast. She is so excited for her friend birthday party coming right up and her baptism.