Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trunk- or -Treat

Our ward put on a trunk-or-treat last weekend. The kids have been planning for months now for our family to be characters from Despicable Me 2.  Over the past several weeks we have been collecting pieces of our costumes. 

Dad as Gru
Mom as Lucy
My trench coat use to be tan but I dyed it teal using 3 bottles of RIT.

Madelyn as Margo
Emily as Edith
Kylie as Agnes 

Hunter as a minion
Brayden as a evil minion

Not wanting so spend a fortune on everyone's costumes we went to DI several times looking for our pieces. We don't match the character's exactly but we did the best we could with out spending a fortune. In the end the kids loved their costumes and everyone knew who we were trying to portray.

Kylie finally realized what she was collecting.

One family instead of handing out candy from the back of their car set up a "fishing" line. 

Another family was making cotton candy for everyone to enjoy. 

It was a great night getting to know the members of our new ward a little bit better in a more relaxed setting. And oh how we loved the weather! For the past 3 years the kids have been dressed up warm and sometimes have had their costume covered up with a heavy coat. This night Kory could hardly stand the heat of his mask and being in a long sleeve shirt. I ditched my trench coat and was thankful I was wearing a teal colored short sleeve shirt (made me look still in costume). Madelyn complained several times about how hot she was. Poor girl was wearing 3 top layers. It was still quite warm even though it was 8 p.m. My kids are always dressed up in Halloween shirts the whole month of October. This year they all wore them once and decided it was to hot to wear long sleeve shirts. I guess I'm going to have find some short sleeve shirts on clearance this year for next year.