Tuesday, October 21, 2014


One of the things I was afraid we would miss the most when moving away from the Valley was the sports. I was right Valley was missed!
In Valley volleyball practice was 4 day's a week for an hour with a game every Friday. Here practice was only every Monday for an hour with a game Thursday evening. In Valley volleyball lasted 8-10 weeks. Here volleyball lasted 4 weeks. In Valley because there weren't a lot of move-in's it was the same girls on the same team for the past 3 years. These girls knew each other and new their strengths and weaknesses. Here there were 4 teams with 9-12 players on each. Here her team ranged from grades 3rd-5th and ages 7 to 10. Madelyn's team in Valley everyone had previous experience. Here because of the range of ages and grades, her team of 11 only had 3 previously played players, Madelyn included.  Madelyn had the most experience by far. The coach even had her helping the other newbie girls. This season was different.... Truth be told I hated it and could hardly wait till it was over. I really felt it was a complete waste of my time and money. The coach did the best she could bit it was nothing like what we've had in the previous 3 years. Madelyn said she had fun. However I know she didn't look forward to going to practice or her games like she has in years past. There was no real excitement after her 1st week.  

This is Madelyn trying to teach her team mate how to hold and serve the ball. 

Her 1st game getting ready to serve.

Getting ready just in case the ball magically appears over the net. It didn't but should have!
Up to serve again.

My biggest disappointment is that I didn't feel she progressed this season. If anything she probably lost some of her skill. Not that she is the best volleyball player ever! The kids she played with and against were not skilled to her level. I can count on one hand how many times her team or the opposing team hit the serving ball back over the net. There was no volley of the ball this season. The team that won the game was the one that could serve the ball over the net the most. This season was very similar to our 1st season in Valley. It was almost everyone's 1st season, they are just beginning to learn the game. It frustrated Madelyn to play with other's that "just stood there". There were only 2-3 on her team this year that could get the ball over the net in their serves. In Valley most of the serves are returned and the ball volley's a little bit. In Valley this would have been her team's 4th year and she would have been playing against similar 4th year teams. 

Being frustrated during the season I looked into getting her into a Volleyball Club. Um..... yeah.... I knew it would be a little expensive but not out of this world for us. Club lasts for about 4 months. Practices are 3x a week with a game every Saturday morning in St. George. They would also travel to either Las Vegas or Salt Lake once during the end of the season for an all day tournament depending on how well the team did. The traveling part didn't bother me. We are used to that. Her age/level volleyball club would cost $1300. Next season she would bump up a level and it would be closer to $1500. Each year gets more and more expensive in a club. If this is somethings that we could actually afford and she wanted to do it, by her senior year it would cost close to $3,000 a season. Who pays that??? They do not do fund raisers but we could try to do one of our own or as the representative said, "go to Grandma/pa for help." She doesn't have those kind of grandparent's who could give each of their grand kids that kind of money. The money is due by the end of October. There is just no way!

Next year we will give the community center another go. I am hoping that being in the next age bracket of 6th-8th graders or 11-14 year old's it will be a better experience for her. She will be the youngest but at least she will have had 4 years of experience and playing with other girls who have also had a few years of experience (we hope). In 7th grade she can participate in her 1st school sport team. She really hopes she make's the team. I do to!