Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Monster Broke the Window

The weekend of November 15 was a cold one!
 Our highs were low 40's and we were dropping below freezing temps during the night. We were experiencing gusts of wind up to 40 miles an hour. The wind was howling through the house, the heater had finally been turned on and kids were sleeping in their winter flannel pajamas. Did we really just move to sunny, warmer weather Hurricane or were we still in Alton where these kinds of temps were the norm? We had just had a wonderful night as a family and mom and dad were getting ready to go to bed themselves. With all the howling going on it was no surprise that at 10:30 pm the kiddo's were still awake. As we were getting ready to crawl into bed Brayden came down saying that he and Emily were scared. There was a monster at their window! My kids have NEVER played this game. We have never had monsters under the bed or hiding in the closets! I walked Brayden back up to his room, turned on the light and opened the blinds to show both him and Emily that were no monsters at their window. It was just the wind rattling their window and making a horrendous screeching noise. They felt better after seeing nothing was there. I lowered the blinds, tucked them both back into bed, turned off the light and got half way downstairs when I heard a shatter. Their bedroom window the still one not the one that slides open and close fell out/was sucked out by the wind onto our driveway. Brayden will still tell you that a monster scratched it too hard and broke it. 

I thought for sure that the glass would be scattered by morning. It's awful to admit but I was kind of hoping it would be so that we didn't have to clean it up. It was so cold and windy I really didn't want to have to deal with it. To my amazement it was all still there. I guess glass is heavy enough not to be carried away by the wind. 

We went the rest of the weekend with an open window. The kids slept down stairs and we kept their bedroom door shut with a towel at the base trying to keep the frigid temperatures out of our living quarters. On Monday the repairman came and taped a cardboard box to it. Jones Paint and Glass was called, they showed up the following day to take measurements to replace it. As they were leaving I was told  "we'll be back". Lucky for us the temperatures rose and my kids were back to wearing shorts to school. A week later and still no window I called Jones Paint and Glass. Apparently their  plant had been shut down and with Thanksgiving coming up I could expect a 2-3 week wait. Being it had already been a week I was not happy! Apparently "we'll be back" doesn't mean anytime soon. True to their word 4 days before our one month mark I came home to a new window! Just in time for another winter storm to hit that brought us 3 day's of what felt like constant rain. Grateful for the rain but more grateful for a window that didn't allow all that rain into the kids bedroom.