Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Schultz Visit

Our family was so excited when our good friends from Arizona called and asked if they could stay at our house on their way to Idaho for Thanksgiving. We were lucky to have them the following weekend too on their way back home. We have been friends with the Schultz family since their oldest was just a baby and I was pregnant with Emily. It's been a great 8+ years. We have both moved several times over the past 8 years but our friendship remains. 

We took our families into St. George for a little sight seeing and some fun. Our first stop was the "Crack". My kids and most other kids always love coming here! They can run wild and explore the many alcoves this little rock mountain has to offer. 

 Brayden and the St. George Temple in the background. 

Brystol climbing out of one of the many little caves. 

 Daddy and Kylie

 Kevin helping Emily down the last little part. 

Madelyn and Jenna 


Kylie trying to stay warm. 
The sun was setting and our warm temperatures were dropping fast. 

Leaving the crack we went to the St. George Temple.
We were excited to see the Nativity had already been set up.

Trying to get 10 kids to gather and stand still for one simple photo is not easy. 
(9 out of the 10)

Especially when there's always one refusing to cooperate. 
I won't mention names!  

And then that one decides to cooperate but..... one child has already ran to the car and the babies are cold and don't want to leave their parents arms. We tried! 

Gunnar celebrated his 2nd birthday while visiting us. 
Decided to make a birthday cake in celebrating this mile marker. 

Our kids get along so well and really play well together. There was no fighting & no tattling. They were so willing to share and take turns. It was great and really made for an enjoyable weekend. Our house isn't the largest and I was a little worried having 10 kids and 4 adults but we all survived and had a good time doing it.  
Logan, Brayden and Kylie decided to sleep on our bedroom floor.

Sunday after church we decided to have a barbecue. We had the most tender, juicy and most expensive pork chops that Kory has ever made.  

When the pork chops were done Kory decided to turn up the heat and clean the bbq for the next time. All the adults were in the kitchen setting the table and putting the final touches on dinner. Out of the blue Hunter came running inside yelling at Kory to come outside fast. The house was on fire. Hunter continues to yell at everyone to get out of the house, there was a fire! Kory and Kevin ran outside, I ran out to the garage and grabbed the fire extinguisher which has since found it's permanent spot under the kitchen sink. By the time I got outside the fire was out. The damage could have been much worst. We'll have to replace the siding before our 6 month walk through. But it was a good experience for the kids. Our next family home evening we talked about fire safety and how to react in an emergency setting. So glad the kids were outside when the fire started and for the minimal damages. We can fix this! Very grateful that no one got hurt.