Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Basketball Season

It's basketball season! 
Every single Saturday we are privileged to attend 3 different games, not to mention the different practices held throughout the week! Our Saturday's are no longer clean the house, run errands, kick back and relax day. It's become quite the go, go, go day.

Hunter's team consists of 5th and 6th graders (He's in 6th). We have an awesome coach who plays all players for basically equal amounts of time. This team is so much better than the team he's been on for the past 3 years.  

He is loving it! 

  He was pretty proud of himself during the 1st game when he scored 10 of the 22 points earned. Our first 4 games these boys have won every game by quite a bit. This past Saturday they met their match and were hopefully humbled just a little bit. They lost by 3 points.

Emily has participated in basketball camps the past 2 years. 
This is her 1st real season playing games. She is on a 2nd and 3rd grade team (she's in 2nd). 

These girls are so funny to watch. They don't really run down the court. They seem to do a little hop, skip and a little jumpn' down the court. They don't show quite as much aggression as the older boy teams. 

 She made a basket! Yippee! She's #43

Her wonderful coach reminding them who they are suppose to be guarding. 

This is Brayden's 1st year playing basketball. He's on a Kinder/1st grade team. (He's in Kinder)

 The 1st half of the hour the kids practice dribbling and doing some basic drills with the 2 coaches that are there with their teams.
 During the last 1/2 hour they play against each other. Although it seems that whether it be practicing or game play they spend most of the time chasing after the ball.  
What's important is that he is having fun learning something new.