Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1st Soccer Game

For several years our kids have been playing sports. We've played basketball, volleyball and baseball/softball. Brayden played t-ball last year and was allowed to choose this year between that or soccer. He chose soccer. It has been so much fun!

He ran, he kicked and he missed the net....but he had a great time trying.

Look at those cheeks. For a kid that doesn't like to run. He's doing great playing soccer.

During half time Brayden and his coach practice blocking the ball. 
Brayden loves playing goalie.

 Brayden stopped the ball scoring for the other team. He turned around to make sure I saw
his sweet moves. 

Brayden getting ready to block the ball.

Our 1st year of this new sport is going so well. He has practice one time a week that lasts for 45 minutes. He has a game every Saturday at almost always the same time. He's loving it. I think he's enjoying it more then he ever did t-ball. It's fun to watch him play!

Best Spring Break Ever!

I think we just had the best Spring Break ever!

Two other families and ourselves spent 3 nights camping at Buckskin Mtn State Park, AZ. We had 6 adults and 14 kids all under the age of 11. It was great that each of the kids had someone to play with.

We arrived Sunday afternoon and had this gorgeous view of the Colorado River right from our camp site. One night we saw wild donkey's on the other side which is actually California not Arizona.

Because it was Sunday and trying to  keep the day holy by not swimming we brought other activities to keep the kids occupied. Who doesn't love bubbles!

The Schutlz family brought walkie-talkies which kept the kiddo's entertained for hours.

I don't think our family has ever done this kind of camping. When we camp we usually rough it pretty well. This campsite came with running water, shower's, flushing toilets a basketball court and a playground. In front of our camp site we had grass and huge trees that offered lots of shade. Unfortunately none of the shade fell directly over our camp site but it was close enough we took advantage of it. Despite being early Spring during the day the temps rose above 80 degrees. It was quite hot. 

On Monday we spent most of our day at the "beach". Being spring break I thought there would be a ton of people and kids. Most of the camp sites were full but they were full of really nice, large air conditioned, tv campers. We rarely saw any of our neighbors. In face I'm pretty sure we were the only ones in a tent.  

Brayden so excited to find a craw dad's claw!

Our two older boys, Hunter and Josh.
The best part about our "beach" was the buoy's that helped keep the kiddo's from being swept down the river in the current. 

The Davis family brought lots of blow up floaties that the kids absolutely loved.
We brought my dad's two blow up rafts. The kids and adults had a great time using them.  
Even though the camp ground was packed we had the beach and all along the river as far as the eye could see to ourselves. Occasionally a boat would go down the river but it seemed like we were the only ones there. It was great!

The smaller raft was used many times to cross the river to California. They would climb up the rocks and jump off. This is Kevin mid jump with Hunter and Josh watching, wishing they had the courage.

Kevin and Madelyn

The girls. All three of them are 8! 

The water was cold and felt good with the heat. This little one took a while before she jumped in with the rest. 

 Hunter and Dad having a water fight. Hunter soaked Dad's hat but Hunter got dunked. Pretty sure Dad won this round. 

It was heaven when the sun went down. It cooled down but was never cold. We had a campfire for fun each night. Roasting star bursts and marshmallows is always a must for a good camp out.

On day 2 we spent most of our day back at the beach. 

Dad taking the little's out for a ride. 

This is Brystol washing her hair??? 

The two 10 year old girls. 

When the parents were done with the water we came back to camp and let the kids play at the playground.  

 We had the older kids race each other.

This little man was so tired by the end of the day that he almost fell asleep. Seriously....on sand? 

Getting ready for bed before it gets too dark. 

Waiting for the dutch over dinner to finish. 

Our 4 day/3 night stay was so much fun!
All the kids got along great, there was plenty of food to eat and lots of mingling to have. The nights were my favorite. We'd put the kids to bed and the adults would sit around the camp fire visiting. It was so peaceful! I don't think any of us were ready to return home. We had so much fun that when the Schultz family returned home they reserved our campsite for next year at the same place, same time.

Can't wait for next year to continue our friendships.

London Bridge

On our way home from camping we stopped in Lake Havasu City, AZ

I remember one of my school teachers telling me that most nursery/folk songs are based off of actual events. As a kid I remember singing and playing the little game to London Bridges. As a mother I have taught my own children how to play London Bridges. Not once have I actually thought of it being based on a real event. Apparently this little song is about something that really did happen. England at one time had a London Bridge. As far as I can tell the actual bridge never fell down but the bridge began to sink and slide little by little year after year. I guess in a sence it was falling. England was deciding to replace the bridge when a very wealthy man, Robert Paxton McCulloch decided to buy it. Each brick was taken down brick by brick, each was numbered and then sent 5,300 miles from London to  Lake Havasu City, AZ. Part of the London Bridge is used today, everyday by those visiting and living in Lake Havasu. This bridge allows us to drive over the Colorado River. 

Wanting to see the bridge a little more then just driving on it we stopped to check it out. In Roman times the City of London is marked by a dragon at each entry by freeway. Visitors can walk underneath the bridge and visit all the touristy type shops.

Beautiful water fountain we were able to walk around.

Brayden pretending to be Super Man!

Being right next to the water the kids tried to play with the ducks and chased the birds.

The London Bridge!

It was a real interesting and learning experience. Who knew the London Bridge was real and that it now resides in Arizona!

It's a Boy!

My sister, Sheri, had a baby boy! 
Introducing.......Jesse James Chipman. 

He is so stinkn' cute!

He almost makes me want to have another baby.

So.... I lied, he does make me want another baby.  I love the newborn stage. I love the cuddling, the cooing, the way they smell, the way they stay scrunchy and little like for a week or two. I love watching all the firsts of my babies. The 1st time they look at me and I know they really see me, the first time they sit up all on their own, the 1st crawl, the first word, and that 1st step. Although I want another baby to experience all those 1st's again my day's of having babies has come to an end. I've realized that although I have had five opportunities now witnessing and cheering on those 1st's, I am not done. I still have many 1st's to look forward to, their just a little different now. Like when Brayden, 5yrs old, played goalie during his 1st soccer game and blocked his 1st shot keeping the other team from scoring. That is a smile that I hope to always remember. When Kylie 1st discovered she could get dressed all by herself. Or when Emily, who's 8, sang with her school choir for the 1st time. Oh boy was she nervous. But she did so well! When Hunter performed his 1st solo on his cello. When Madelyn ran her 1st 5k. I am enjoying these 1st's just like I enjoyed those 1st smiles.  As my children continue to grow and mature those 1st's will continue to change. The time has come for our family to move on to the next stage of life. I look forward to these changes and am ready to embrace it!