Monday, May 11, 2015

Grandma Grow's Funeral

On Saturday, May 2 2015 we laid my sweet Grandma Grow to rest. 
It was a beautiful warm morning. 

Her viewing was from 9:30-10:30 am. We had a family prayer and a chance to give her our last kisses goodbye from 10:30-11:00. Her funeral services began at 11:00 am.
During her services Autumn and I were able to give her eulogy. Mom spoke about the purpose of Grandma's life. Why was she here? What was her purpose? Grandma taught us all many things. For instance you never just pour syrup on your pancake. You start at the center and making circles moving outward you sing, around and around you go. Grandma taught her daughters how to sew. She helped/tried to teach her granddaughter's how sew and crochet. Grandma taught us the importance of the gospel. Grandma loved her scriptures. She knew that prayers were answered. She was always quick to share it with those around her. She was always a missionary. Following Mom's talk Uncle Hulen talked about the importance of  having eternal families so that we can all be together again. 

I had my camera slung around my shoulders almost the entire day. I didn't feel like taking pictures. Nothing really stuck out at me that said you'll want to remember me, take my picture. It wasn't until we got to the cemetery that I pulled my camera out. So here are a few I did get.   

In the back: Matt, Aunt Tamra, Dad, Aunt Robin with Elena
Front: GG Pa, Mom, Hanna

The paul bearers; Matt, Travis, Jonathan
On the other side was Uncle Jim and cousin Billy

Following the cemetery we headed to church for the luncheon. We then went back to mom and dad's and visited with one another. 
Travis, Great Aunt Barbara, Aunt Bonnie holding Briella, Ciarra, Grandpa Hunter with Jesse.

Grandpa Hunter and Jesse snoozing together. 

Uncle Jim, Aunt Bonnie, Mom
Later in the afternoon some us went back to the cemetery. We wanted to collect the flowers

Aunt Bonnie, Great Aunt Barbara, Cousin Shirley, Uncle Jim, Mom
Autumn and her daughter Faith and myself tagged along. It was fun to sit on the grass and remanence about our grandma, sister, mother and cousin. 
Grandma you will be missed but we know you are in a much better place. 
It must be such a relief to have your mind back and be able to communicate again.
We love you!