Thursday, May 07, 2015

Grandma Grow's Passing

Monday, April 13 2015 during dinner GG aspirated on her drink. She was having a difficult time breathing and started to turn blue. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital. At the hospital a chest x-ray was taken and it showed that her lungs were clear despite the nasty cough and wheezing she had had for several days. Doctor's tentatively diagnosed her with bronchitis but gave her an antibiotic just in case. During her hospital visit GG was un-responsive. She acted as if she were in a very deep sleep and remained un-responsive despite many attempts to wake her up. Due to her recent illness and not being awake an IV was put in to keep her hydrated.  The following morning a meeting was held between doctors, social workers, hospice, GG Pa and Heather (mom). It was decided that GG was going to be put back on hospice and it was time to bring her home. We all thought that our time with GG was coming to a sudden end. We were told very specifically that if GG remained un-responsive we were not to force her to eat or drink. We didn't want her to aspirate again or have her inhaling food into her lungs.    

Her 1st day home, Wednesday, she began to be more responsive. Still sleeping a lot but more waking moments. On Thursday our family was given a tender mercy. Not only was GG awake but she seemed to be aware of herself and her surroundings. The best part was that she could communicate with us in a way that we could understand. Something that hadn't been done in over a year! So grateful that I had my camera with me and I was able to record our interaction's with her. She asked for hugs from Madelyn and Emily, she wanted a bacon cheeseburger to eat and she wanted to go to the library with us and was trying to swing her legs around as if she were going to get up and go with us. These are memories that my two girls and I will always cherish! 

Our tender mercy only lasted one day. The following day she lost most of her responsiveness and quickly returned to what her "normal" was before her hospital visit. That weekend Bonnie and Autumn and Mark and Robin came to check up on Grandma. Kory gave GG a blessing that Sunday night. GG was told that as her time was nearing she would be able to say the things that she still needed to say. As the week progressed GG gradually got worse. She slept more and more. She wouldn't wake up to eat. If she was awake she didn't eat more than just a couple of bites. We knew her day's were numbered. 

On Sunday, April 26, Aunt Bonnie, Ciarra and Uncle Jim came to say there goodbyes. Jim hadn't seen his mom in several years. Although she slept through their visit I think hearts were softened, forgiveness was started and healing hearts began. Later that day we went over as a family to say our goodbyes. GG hadn't eaten more than 2-3 bites a day for several day's. I knew we probably wouldn't have another chance to be with her as a family while here on this earth. 

At 10:57 on Monday, April 27, 2015 our beloved GG drew her last breath. I was at the kids school volunteering in Brayden's Kindergarten class. I had dropped Kylie off with Aunt Hanna at my mom's house just 15 minutes before. 

Since I was already at the kids school when I got word,I chose to pull them out, Kory was working in St. George at the time. The kids were able to give their GG one last kiss while we were waiting for the mortuary to come. The boys not wanting to stick around crossed the driveway to play at Grandma's. Madelyn, Emily and I along with Hanna and Grandma sat around and shared stories of our GG. Emily soon tired of waiting and so left for Grandma's also. Soon the mortuary people arrived. Madelyn and I were able to give GG one last kiss, hold her hand in our own and whisper our love and goodbyes before she was taken away. All though some have been surprised that not only did I stick around but took my kids to see their dead great grandmother. I would do it again in a heart beat. It was a loving and tender experience. One that I really can't put into words, but am so thankful we were able to participate in.