Friday, April 10, 2015

A 12 year old!

I know I say it each year and at every birthday but really..... why do they have to grow up so fast.  This young man just turned 12! This is such a big milestone. I still haven't accepted that he's 12 yet. He's now part of the YM program at church. He's looking forward to his 1st ever mutual night this upcoming week. He's going to be gone for a whole week this summer at Scout Camp. He's being ordained a deacon at church this Sunday. Next Sunday he'll be passing the sacrament for the very 1st time. Oh how I wish I could take pictures of him passing the sacrament wearing his very first brand new suit his Grandma and Grandpa Heaton bought him.  

Birthday Boy!

Each of his siblings bought him something that her really likes. 
Emily gave him a box of Lucky Charms cereal. 

He's been asking me to get him some dill pickled flavored sun flower seeds.
Kylie gave him a 1 lb bag. I wonder how many baseball games this will last through? 

Brayden gave him a box of microwave popcorn. 

Madelyn gave him a bag of his favorite candies, Amond Joy and a can of silly string.
He's 12 and for a few years now we've told our kids that we would consider letting them have their own electronic device at age 12. Hunter was thinking we'd let him buy one with his money he's been saving. Instead we gave him one. It does come with a contract that he had to sign. It explains the rules of the device. For instance it is to stay out in the open. He's not to take it in his room or siblings room. It goes off at 7 pm each night. He does not take it to school. He has also been asked to memorize one church song a month on his cello to keep his privilege of having his own tablet. On Sunday's he's to use it appropriately, no gaming or reading regular books. He can use it to read up coming Sunday lessons, read the New Era, plan a family home evening, etc. He's heard us talk about having a contract so nothing was really new to him. He's excited!

Besides the tablet we gave him a Star Wars lego set along with new baseball pants and an under shirt for his uniform. He loved it.

For his birthday he asked for an ice cream cake. I made my 1st ever. It wasn't very pretty but we all seemed to enjoy it. 

Hunter said it was pretty good and asked for a second helping. 
Happy Birthday my young man!