Friday, April 10, 2015

April Fool's

I love April Fool's. It's a fun, silly, harmless day to play tricks on my kids. This year was a little different though. My kids decided to play tricks on me too!

After everyone went to bed and were sound asleep I did something I have never done before. I wrapped their bedroom door entryway with saran wrap. In the morning Madelyn walked through her's, Emily saw it just in time so missed out on the experience. Hunter didn't have a chance. Both girls were standing by his door calling him out and giggling. Knowing something was up he very cautiously opened his door and saw what was awaiting him. 

I heard Madelyn get up a little before 6 and make noise in the kitchen. Knowing she was up to "no good" I let her have her time before I came out so as not to spoil her surprise. 

What a yummy looking breakfast! I love her little note to sign if we tried her breakfast. 
She had a peach on top of sour cream for an egg. She stuffed my yummy, sweet berries with toothpaste and filled a glass up with cream. She took a water bottle and poked the upper part with a pin several times so that when you squeeze the bottle to drink little streams of water would get ya.

When I left to take Hunter to school Brayden was the only one still in bed. They talked him into drinking the glass of milk. Poor kid! 

While I was gone someone had also turned all my pictures upside down, 

wanted me to believe we had a rodent issue and

had put a spider on top of Brayden's pillow in the family room..

Little trickster's!

This year's April Fool's I had to come up with new stuff. Something I hadn't done before. So along with the saran wrap the night before I also put one drop of food coloring on everyone's toothbrush. It dried over night and when they began to brush their teeth the next morning they quickly discovered my trick.  

April Fool's was a busy night for us. We had baseball practice, Emily's choir performance and scouts. Knowing we were going to be busy I decided to make my meatloaf mashed potatoes. I was in a hurry so didn't even die them this year. My 3 older kids remember this from a few years ago so they didn't fall for it but Brayden was fair game. He saw me bring the pan over and immediately was sad that I used white frosting and had no sprinkles. He jumped right up and ran to the cupboard looking for sprinkles to add. 

After prayer and before he dumped his sugar load of sprinkles on top. He saw the other kids dish themselves and realized they weren't real cup cakes after all. His look was priceless! The older kids missed our "tradition"  of the past few years of having a mystery dinner. I told them this year I chose to play our even older "traditions" on the younger kids since they hadn't experienced them yet. Over all it was a great, fun filled, surprising day!