Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

The city of Hurricane each year puts on a grand Easter Egg Hunt. This year only age 8 and under were able to participate.

Every once in a while Kylie wakes us up in the middle of the night with a really high fever. She moans and groans and is just restless all night. In the mornings she'll sleep in an extra hour or two and when she gets up the fever is gone. No throwing up, no diarrhea, no rash just a little ornery through out the day. At one time I thought it only happened when she was teething but this little girl is almost 3 now and has all her teeth. I've mentioned it to the doctor and have been told not to worry about it unless we can't get her fever to break. It takes a few hours of Tylenol and Popsicles but we've always been able to get that fever to break.  The night before the Easter Egg Hunt Kylie had one of her fever episodes. I was going to leave her with Hunter but she didn't sleep in like usual and flipped out! Not wanting Hunter to have to deal with her temper tantrum I brought her with us. 

She was ornery and really didn't want to participate. She just stood there looking at the candy. I was finally able to coax her into picking a few pieces up and putting them in her basket.

Madelyn took Brayden to his hunt spot and kept her eye on him for me. 
He was either pretty quick or there was a ton of candy. 
His basket was so full that candy was falling out as he walked back to the van.

This was Emily's last year participating. She was thrilled with her candy stash! 

It's hard to believe my children are getting so big that they are too old to participate in these kind of activities anymore. I felt bad for my older 2 and wanted to do something for them but just didn't know what. Later that afternoon I got a text from a mom in the ward. She was putting on a older kid (10+) Easter egg hunt with a twist. It didn't start until 9pm. We brought candy and eggs for her and her husband to hide. When the time came the kids were given glow sticks and using flash lights went on there egg hunt. She had eggs all over her yard,the empty lot beside her and up the little hill. Many of teenagers from the ward showed up and even the local missionaries. I wanted to stay and watch but had the little ones at home to put to bed instead. Hunter and Madelyn went and had a blast. They hope she will do it again next year. So happy this mom found a way to celebrate in a way that the older kids had fun too.