Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday! 
Our Easter Bunny is pretty practical and consistent. For several years now the kids always get a new book and new socks with a few candy filled eggs. This year Easter Sunday fell during General Conference. I asked the Easter Bunny if he'd include a little something more for the kids to use/play with during conference to help keep them quiet and listening. 

The Easter Bunny came through. Hunter received a new book, a package of socks, and 3 new rolls of duct tape. Hunter loves making things from duct tape. He's made wallet's, purses for his sister's, i-pad covers, and much more. 

Madelyn received a new book, socks and glitter pens she used to take notes during conference and doodle around with.

Emily also received a new book, socks and a sticker dress-up play scene. The stickers were removable so she could change outfits and place them in different spots. 

Brayden received a TMNT book, new socks, a bubble wand and 2 super hero figure's. His new Iron Man watched all of conference with this little guy. He helped Brayden keep his hands busy but his ears open. It was great. 

As with everyone else Kylie also received a new book and new socks. Her quiet toy was play doh and some new utensils to play with it.  

A week before Easter Sunday we stopped reading from our Book of Mormon and read passages of what Christ did and the things that happened to him during his last week on earth. The church has several 2-3 minute videos on their web page that went along with several of the passages we read. Sometimes watching the stories play out on video after reading them really make the message stand out. The kids can understand them a little better. I'm so thankful for the opportunity we had this week to learn more about our savior and the sacrifice he made for each of us.