Friday, April 10, 2015

1st 5K

Several weeks ago while taking the kids to school we heard an advertisement for a upcoming Hog and Jog 5K. During the advertisement they went on and on about how the best and really only meat you get from a hog is bacon. This quickly brought up a discussion of how "stupid" these people were. My mom works for the Utah Pork Producers. Attending events that my mom has held and over hearing many conversations relating to pork my kids think they are quite the experts on pork and the people on the radio were clearly ignorant on the subject. As I was dropping each child off they all told me I needed to call my mom and let her know about this big event coming up and that she needed to "teach" them. When I told my mom about this she and her boss decided to participate as vendor's passing out pork jerky and educating people about pork. Being a vendor she was given a few free registration's for runner's. My sister, Hanna, Madelyn and I decided to run. None of us have ever done something like this before.

Several weeks before the big event Madelyn and I started to prep for this. We ran, walked, limped and dragged ourselves over a mile around the neighborhood 2-3 times a week. I decided after several weeks of this that I really do not like running! Maybe it was the cooler weather, the wind or allergy season but I hate the sniffling, having a runny nose and ears that hurt when we were done. But we kept at it until finally our big day arrived. 

This was a race that most of the fee's and donation's were given to a homeless shelter. This was a fun run, not a timed one. 

We ran with bacon and pigs!

The race took place at the old airport on the tarmac. It was perfect weather, no wind and warmer temps. The best part was that it was all flat with no hills. Something we really struggled with in our neighborhood. 

Every so often during the race their were selfie station's offering a moment of shade.

  There were also several stations set up with water and of course bacon. 

Another selfie. Probably the worse picture ever!

We did it. Madelyn really struggled that last mile but with Hanna's and mine encouragement we succeeded. 

Despite this not being a timed race, Hanna timed us with her stop watch. All 3 of us stuck together and made it in just under 40 minutes. We definitely weren't the 1st to cross the finish line but we weren't the last either. All participants were given a medal. The theme of the race was "bringing home the bacon for the homeless". We were given bacon before, during and after the race. I'm glad we did it! Participating in the race gave Madelyn and I something to do together and many one on one opportunities.  There is a mid-night glow in the dark 5k coming up in May. We are contemplating participating in it too. Although I really, really don't enjoy running I do enjoy spending time with Madelyn. Now that she has completed her 1st 5k she thinks the next one will be bit easier and she knows what is expected now.