Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Activity Day Talent Show

In our ward it has become a tradition for the Activity Day Girls to have a talent show each year.
So proud of my girls they did a great job. Each girl was asked to have something there that night and to tell the audience about it in just 30 seconds. I was surprised how many girls couldn't tell about their display. I guess they were to shy. Emily was nervous about speaking but she rehearsed it many times and did great!

Madelyn from a very young age has always been our little artist. She must get it from her dad. We've been trying to decorate her room and have been looking for something to hang above her bed. After weeks of not really finding anything we loved and in our price range I gave her the idea of creating her own. I had a package of new canvas boards and gave them to her to use. 

I was really impressed. She drew her picture first, colored it with her pastel chalks she was given at Christmas and then we sprayed a clear coat over it. Love how it turned out. 

Madelyn receiving her "recognition" award.

Emily is probably my most thankful child. Every time I turn around I find little thank you notes from her. I get a note about fixing her favorite dinner, a note about her new sandals, a note about playing a game with her. For a long time I read them, thanked her for the little notes and then threw them away. 

Lately I decided to start saving all her little pictures and notes she gives me. I compiled them in a notebook and that is what she chose to share as her talent. I think being thankful and kind is definitely a talent in our world to day.

Emily has only been part of Activity Days for a few months now. She sure loves her leader's and all the fun things they plan for them.  

I was recently called to serve in Activity Day's and will have Emily in my group. I think we are both pretty excited to have this time together.