Friday, April 10, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Heaton

Two Sunday's ago we received our weekly letter from Grandma Heaton asking that the family keep her in our prayers. She was having some health issues. The next thing we new we received a message from her home ward bishop saying they were returning to the states from Latvia on a medical release. This past Thursday our family along with Uncle Kevin's family and Aunt Tonya and kids went to the airport to welcome them home. There flight was suppose to arrive at 9:45 pm. 
It didn't get here until 10:17 pm.

Uncle Kevin, Emily, Alisha, Kylie and Madelyn peering out the window watching for the air plane.

The plane has landed. We are on our way downstairs to the terminal.
The excitement! 

Earlier in the day my girls made a welcome home sign.

They're here! 

Hug time... 

So much fun to see each other. 

Due to the lateness of the hour Grandma and Grandpa came to our house to stay the night. We were pretty lucky to spend time with them for several hours the following day before they headed home. Grandpa Karl told many stories of the people in Latvia and how they live. We are truly blessed to be born and live in the United States. We have so many blessings that we take advantage of every single day and don't even realize it. 

The people in Latvia shop almost daily for their meal's. Food over there spoils very fast! Grandma and Grandpa have to wash their food in bleach water before eating it. The majority of the people do not have transportation, they walk everywhere. They don't have oven's or stoves, microwaves or crock pots. They use hot plates. Many of the homes have an outhouse inside their home with their water well just a few feet away outside. This is why the water is so contaminated over there. Most homes are just one big room the size of our typical bedrooms. The parents sleep on the couch and the kids sleep on the floor with blankets. Everyone has a cel phone but both parents work 12+ hours a day. They make/live on about $400 a month. Children run the streets because parents are always gone. Families don't have meal times together or family home evening. Most members are 1st year generation. There isn't a Primary or YW/YM program. Grandma Heaton was made RS President and tried teaching and implementing visiting teaching. They are sad that they had to leave. They really hope that after a few tests that Grandma is scheduled to have all will be well and they can return to finish their mission.