Monday, May 11, 2015

Batman Birthday Party

After having to post-pone Brayden's birthday party two weekends in a row. 
His much awaited day finally arrived!
He chose a Batman party. He did not want super heros, TMNT, nor avenger's but Batman only.

I'm making a wedding cake in 2 weeks and I wanted to try out the fondant like sheets you can buy now day's. It's not going to work for the wedding cake but it worked perfectly for making a city scene. I made the batman logo using the same type of sheets. Brayden loved his cake! 

 Braydens favorite snack was the batman watermelon and Joker's Juice, aka green hawaiian punch.

We played this game while we were waiting for everyone to show up. I hung up painters tape and then wadded up scrap paper for the kids to throw at the web. Our tape is very old and didn't stick as well as I'd have liked but a few papers did manage to stick. The kids didn't seem to mind. They just enjoyed throwing the balls. 

It didn't take very long for all 8 guests to arrive. These little ones are all friends from primary, our neighborhood and school. 

We have been having high 80's and 90's temperatures these past few weeks. The day before our big day it rained and rained and rained. The weather man predicted a 30% chance of rain for our morning and our high for the day was suppose to be 60. A little cold for outdoor water games I had planned. I made a few last minute changes, cleaned the garage and decided to have most of the games played in the garage. My house just isn't big enough for these little ones to run around in. 

Our 2nd game was stomping the bomb's out that Joker and left behind. I tied balloons to each person's ankle and let them go to town. 

Our 3rd game I had printed out several of Batman's enemies and glued them to paper cups. We hung them up and then gave each kid their very own silly string. At the beginning we had kids lined up on both sides of my hanger but with nothing between kids except for a few plastic cups they ended up squirting each other. It was the favorite game of the morning. 

Our 4th game was a scavenger hunt outside. I waited until the rain had stopped and hoped it would give us a little while before the next rain fall. The end of the hunt led the kids to the freezer where Mr. Freeze had frozen all of Brayden's super heroes.  

Everyone was given a squirt bottle with warm water and together they had to unfreeze the super heroes. 

The kids kept at it until it started to sprinkle and the wind picked up a bit. It got cold quick and it didn't help the kids were a bit wet from the water spray.

Following the water game we played shoot the villan.  

I had 3 dart guns that held 3 bullets each. They had to take turns shooting at the hanging balloons. 

After our dart game the rain stopped once more so 
 we quickly sang happy birthday and cut the cake.

The kids filled there plates with goodies and I sent them back outside to eat. Those that ate quickly took another turn at un-freezing those super heroes. 

 When the kids got cold again we came back inside to open presents. 
Super heroes, TMNT, nerf guns, legos and candy. 
This little boy was heaven. 
After all his friends went home he spent hours on the front room floor playing with his new toys. 
It was the, "best birthday ever", says Brayden.