Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kite Festival 2015

When we lived in Hurricane four years ago for that one school year a friend told me about the annual Kite Festival. We went had a lot of fun and I always said we'd go back even though we lived in Alton but it just never happened. I was so excited when my kids brought home their reading log paper's for this year's annual event. 

Grandma Grow hadn't passed yet and my cousin Autumn and her son Gabe where in town. Uncle Mark and Aunt Robin were also around so they with me too. The kite festival is free. Everyone brings kites and flies them down on the field. Rides required tickets which were a dollar each or if the kids brought their reading chart they could get 10 free ticket's (that's $10 worth), a kite or a book. My kids all chose the tickets.

The rides were fun and great for their ages. The problem was the lines. Oh my goodness. Madelyn stood in this line for an hour. 

Only 4 could go at a time and swung them upside down. I think it would have made me sick if I had been on it.  

Hunter and Gabe were able to "fight" several times. 

This one didn't seem to be as popular which was great for these boys who were able to play this over and over again. 

The one ride that all 8 kids wanted to participate in were these big blow up balls. I stood in line for
 2 1/2 hours. If I had known that I would be standing in line for that long I don't think we would have done it. I stood in line while passing out tickets to the kids to go do other rides. The kids were able to run around and enjoy themselves while I stood there and tried to watch and count heads but not get out of line. 

Finally.... it was our turn I was impressed that the kids were able to spend 5-7 minutes in the balls. 

Next to the balls were a few blow up slides. Kylie begged and begged to go down them. Madelyn, Kylie and Emily climbed up and slid down.

About 1/2 way up Kylie changed her mind and wanted to come back down. I yelled to Madelyn to just keep going. I think Kylie was a little scared. 

After the rides I was hot. I had been standing with no shade and needed to cool down. So we bought $2 snow cones for everyone. The highlight of the afternoon.

Mark and Robin took their granddaughter home about an hour earlier than the rest of us. I was still standing in that dang line. After investing so much time in it and being near the front there was no way we were leaving until after that ride.