Monday, June 22, 2015

Schultz Visit

School got out for us on a Thursday. That Saturday our best friends for forever arrived for a mini- 4 day vacation. The only thing that would have made it better is if the 2 men would have been around. Kory came and went with work and Kevin stayed home in Arizona due to his work. Next time...

We of course had to go to the splash pad. Love the interaction between the 12 year old and the 4 year old.

Brayden loves the water shooting up his shirt.

Emily and Jenna, still great friends even though they don't live across the street from one another anymore.

Little Gunnar, with a smile of his face.

After the splash pad went to Swig to help cool us off. It was everyone's first time, except Hunter. The kids loved the snow cones.

April and I spent what I'd like to say hours and hours (but I'm sure it wasn't quite that long) filling up water balloons. It seemed like in just a few minutes all that hard work was gone. We tried dragging it out a little bit with a few games.....

Here's Josh.... 

Water balloon volleyball, 

duck, duck splash 

and then ended in a good old fashion, water balloon fight.

Our visit just happened to fall over Memorial Weekend. So we planned a bbq and invited Melissa and Dan Stewart over. Dad had to work but Missy and the kids came.

Some of the boys, of course electronics were played.

Two of the girls playing cards.

Then they decided they wanted another water balloon fight. The big boys took the time to fill up some balloons and then 14 kids took to throwing balloons at each other.  Fun, fun, fun. It was great for us "moms" to sit around the table reminiscing about the good old day's when our husbands were in school and we were some young, stay at home mommies with our preschooler's. 

Another day we went to the Children's Museum. My kids loved the farm room. They could play vet, farmer milking his cow, reaping from the garden or collecting the chicken's eggs.

Emily and Kylie's favorite was the grocery store.

The boys enjoyed working on the car.

These 3 dressed up and put on a few plays for us to watch.

Who doesn't love bubble's?


Little girls loved the Frozen themed room.

Lucky for us there was another splash pad next to the museum. Had a picnic lunch and some more sun time

The day's went by too fast. I miss my April. We've been friends for 10 years now. We've been in the same ward, lived across the street and have been separated by many miles but our friendship remains intact. I love getting together and getting caught up with each other's lives. 
Friends forever!