Friday, June 26, 2015

My Baby is 3!

My baby turned 3!
How did this happen?
She is growing up to quickly for my liking.

Kylie was so excited for her birthday. She and big brother, Hunter, worked on holding 3 fingers up to show her age. She was thrilled to be told over and over she was getting presents and new toys to open. I don't think she really understood what it all meant until she had all these presents in front of her and I was only allowing her open them. 

Sofia magnet dolls. 

Every 3 year old needs a new baby doll.

Her favorite gift was a new tube of princess toothpaste given to her by Madelyn.

The birthday girl and her loot.
Emily went through some of her own toy's and passed them down to Kylie using a gift bag. 

My baby girl loves My Little Ponies, Dora and playdoh.
Her favorite color is pink.
She loves "panpakes" for breakfast.
Her favorite lunch in Mac n'Cheese.
For dinner she loves rice.
She loves "nanas" (bananas). She'd eat them all day long if I let her. 
They are the perfect snack or treat for her.
Kylie loves being outside. Riding her bike with her older siblings is her favorite. She also loves playing with squirt guns with everyone and going to the cities swimming pool. She's becoming quite the little fish. She also loves going to the park to "swing."
She enjoys looking at books and having them read to her. She loves the Dora books we check out from the library. She also enjoys it when her big sisters pull out their nail polish and gives both her toes and fingernails a make over. Kylie loves nursery. It probably helps that she's got the best nursery leaders ever! So glad that this little one is part of our family!
Happy Birthday, Princess!