Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 School Field Trips

This year I spent every Monday in Brayden's classroom. Brayden's teacher was not my favorite and really, really needed help. I was the only consistent parent that came to help and lots of the room mom's responsibilities ended up on my shoulders. Wanting to be with my other kids too I made it possible to go on one field trip for Brayden, Emily and Madelyn.

Madelyn's field trip took us to Zion. We were hiking  Emerald Pools. 
All three fifth grade classes attended.
Silly girls!

At the 1st upper pool we were able to walk behind the water fall. It was refreshing to feel the water spray on us. It was kind of a warm day but could have been much worse.

At the 2nd Pool there wasn't much water and was in the full sun. We didn't stick around very long.

The 3rd pool was much better. The only thing that could have made it better was if we could have waded out in the water. 

Madelyn's 5th grade class.

Together we made it. Happy I was able to go. It was fun day.

Emily's class walked to our local Orthodontist. Being we were walking I didn't take my big heavy camera and missed out on taking pictures of us. Next time I will borrow Madelyn's smaller camera to take along.

Not wanting to make the same mistake of not having a camera I took Madelyn's along for Brayden's field trip.  I think my one and only selfie on the bus!

 The bus dropped us off at our local grocery store Lins.

The kids were given hair nets to wear and a plastic bag to collect goodies. We saw a lady decorating cakes, saw the huge oven that the cookies were baked in, walked into the huge freezer full of ice cream and saw the big doors where the food was delivered at. 

Our 2nd stop was at McDonald's across the street. The kids were given a cookie, got to play on the play ground and then we went on our tour.

We saw how order's were placed, where the french fries were baked, where the ice cream was kept and how the dishes were washed.

Our 3rd and final stop was the fire department. The kids got to climb up into an ambulance. The paramedics talked about what they do and how they help people. Out of the blue one of the kids started throwing up. All of us adults where standing out of the ambulance and no one knew who it was. As I walked around the side I discovered it was Brayden who had gotten sick. He puked all over the inside. The other kids thought it was great to watch the paramedic turn on a hose inside the ambulance and wash the puke out of the truck and down the drain. I was so embarrassed! 

After listening to the paramedics we saw the firefighter's. They showed us their gear they wear, got to touch their hose, put on a hat and climb through the truck. Being Brayden had gotten sick I called Grandma who came to our rescue by picking him up and taking him home. I stuck around for the rest of the field trip being I was still in charge of 5 little rambunctious boys. 

Fun field trip!