Friday, June 26, 2015

Our First!

In January I took the 3 oldest to Dr. Simister's office, the local orthodontist in town. After x-rays and exams it was determined that Madelyn would need braces first followed by Emily and then maybe Hunter. If we could get our money tree in the backyard to grow we could do all three at the same time but until that happens we're doing one at a time. 

This was the best close-up picture I could find of Madelyn pre- orthodontics. In April after we received our tax refund we paid for everything outright and let our 1st ortho experience begin. 

An expander was attached to her upper back teeth with the intent of expanding her pallet. Every night for 22 day's we gave it a little turn making it spread a little more. At 22 day's her pallet was where it was suppose to be and we played the waiting game for 6 weeks while her pallet hardened a little bit in it's new form. 

And then the much awaiting day came. We got braces. This girl was so EXCITED! I sure hope that excitement keeps. Its amazing to see the difference in her teeth already. With the upcoming 4th of July she chose her 1st bands to be red and blue. We were told that she would probably be very sore and need some Tylenol. This girl did great. Never complained once, never asked for any meds. Has been eating just fine with nothing get "stuck" in the braces. We aren't much of a "candy" family so staying away from the sticky sugars haven't been a problem. Love this girl of mine!