Friday, June 26, 2015

Lake Powell

A week after school got out our family took our 1st family vacation for the summer. With two other families we camped out for 3days/2nights at Lone Rock in Lake Powell.
Having never been there before we didn't know what to expect... but oh the fun and memories made in those few short day's. 

We camped out right on the sand with the water lapping right in front of us. 
These girls tried playing volleyball. Would love to buy an actual net for the sand for our next trip. 

We basically lived in our swimsuits for the 3 day's. 
We went through an entire bottle of sunscreen.
This isn't like our usually camping.There are no tree's to offer shade. What shade we had we brought with us. 

These two were twins. Same age, and had the same swim suit without knowing it until this trip. 
I hope Secoya and Madelyn remain friends for a very long time. 

The dad's made our very own slip n' slide with some heavy duty plastic.
Cody brought an old water pump that kept the plastic wet for the kids. 
The dad's tossing the kids down to help them catch momentum.

 Madelyn taking a turn out on the paddle board.


Emily practicing her swimming.

Hunter was great at helping Kylie take a ride in the kayak. He would pull her up and down the coast.

One a night we built a fire just for fun!
We definitely did not need the warmth. It was plenty warm during our stay.

The aftermath of s'more makings.

We had 3 7/8 year old little girls running around. They got along so well!

Despite the warm weather we experienced we had some crazy storms. Our first night was Kory's birthday and I had a cobbler in the dutch oven baking when  a wind storm blew in. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I was so glad we weren't tent camping but had brought Kory's enclosed trailer to stay in. The wind storm was so bad that campers in tents next to us packed up and left. We enjoyed our cobbler that night in the trailer instead of outside around a fire. 

The next afternoon we didn't get a wind storm but a little hail storm. It started off raining and then turned into hail the size of a dime. Again, I was pretty thankful for the trailer we had brought. The sun was out the entire time during these crazy storms. As the storm moved on we came outside shook the rain/hail out of our lawn chairs and enjoyed the sun once again.

Later that night another quick rain storm came and went. Gave me a beautiful picture that night at dusk.

Kory and I took at turn out on the paddle board too. It was fun! 

The Goodfellows brought their boat so everyone got a turn on a boat ride. The guys got up one morning a little early and tried their hand at fishing. We boated up the river several miles and went on a hike. It was such a great, cheap weekend get away. I'm so glad we went. We all had a great time. It was sunny, it was hot but then these little monsoon's came in dropping the temps a bit and we went on enjoying the great outdoors. It took us about 2 hours to get to Lone Rock. I had no idea how close we lived to Lake Powell. We will definitely be going back again.