Friday, June 26, 2015

Cox Cousin's Visit

We just had a fun, 3 day visit with some of the Cox girls.
These 2 cuties participated in Dixie College's Volleyball Camp this summer. 
It was Mon-Wed 9 am-3 pm.
They were some long day's for these 10 year old's.

On day 1 while the big girls were at their camp these 2 did a craft. They traced their hand and with drawing lines a certain way it makes there hand pop out a bit in a cool 3-D way. Both girls are going to submit this cool drawing to their own county fairs this year. 

They also spent some time outside rollerblading. Love that there holding hands.

After the art project was done I took them all to the splash pad to play in the water.
I love how the water looks in this one right before it hits Rachel!

  Day 2 after the big girls got home from camp we hit the city pool. We played for 3 hours!
Madelyn & Ruth

Emily & Rachel



On day 3 we planned a full day in St. George while the girls were at camp. We invited Jamie and Brionney to tag along with us. We hit the summer morning movie at the movie theater with popcorn and drinks. Following the movie I took everyone to the Children's Museum.

Jamie liked milking the cow. 

These 2 pretended to work at the post office. 

Kylie and Brionney drove the farmer's truck. 

In another room...Jamie was the pilot while the girls were passengers on the airplane. 
They were going on vacation. 

Brayden dressed up as a knight. 

While Kylie was a princess. 

These 2 built snowmen/women in the Frozen themed room. 

When we were through with the museum we went next door to the splash pad and had a pic-nic lunch. 

I sat under the shade of a big tree and played with my camera settings. I took it off "auto" and mixed things up a bit.  

I know my sister Sheri will love this picture of her son, NOT! I like the story it tells. Is this not something typical we see from most little boys. I love the wrinkles on his fingers from all the water play. 

Beautiful Brionney, with jelly on her cheek.

By the time everyone was worn out at the splash pad it was time to pick up the bigger girls. 
On our way home we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's to pick some apricots.

I love fresh apricots. 

A few hours later Harmony and Dustin showed up to pick up their girls up. 
It was a great 3 day's while it lasted. 
Hoping to do it again next year.