Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bodmin Jail

Monday, September 4th, we left Cornwall. There were so many things I had wanted to see while here but I know we made the right decision by keeping the sabbath day holy. Another time I would love to come back and spend a week just seeing all the many cool things that Cornwall has to offer. Although we were able to see a few this day. I am going to miss the beauty of these green, green roads. However, I won't miss the skinny roads or having to pull over to allow the oncoming traffic to get by. 

On our way to city Bodmin we pulled up behind this car. Kory got a kick out of the advertisement on the back of the car. Specifically the "rubbers" part.

A few months before our big trip we stumbled upon this tv series on Amazon.
We loved it. Some of the early episodes takes place in Bodmin and the jail there. So of course I wanted to stop and see it being we were so close. 

It was so, so sad to read some of the real encounters of the people who spent time in jail.  

The consequences of stealing a hen to feed your starving family! 
7 years in jail. Wow!

Prisoners were given a bath every 3 months! 
Oh my.... the stench there must have been.  

There was a man who served a few years for selling his wife at the cattle market. 

Walkway between jail rooms.  

When mothers were sent to jail, there children went with because there was no one else to watch them. One of the games the kids played was called Toss Penny. 

This little boy was 11 years old. He was caught stealing celery of all things and was sentenced to 4 days. No one was too young or too old to serve time in the Bodmin Jail. 

It was so incredibly sad to read the accounts that were posted. Wife's who killed there husbands because they couldn't take the physical abuse anymore. Mother's who killed there babies because they were so poor she knew the baby would starve and didn't want that innocent baby to suffer. These mothers were eventually hung for murder. Father's who were caught stealing food to give to their starving families. How horrible it must have been during that time. It made me thankful for the time and era I am living in now. Thankful for a husband who works so hard to support his family. 

As we were leaving the jail we saw some landscapers out the window. At first glance I thought someone was repelling. I guess he kid of was. However he was doing it with a chain saw in one hand trimming the vegetation and a rope in the other. 

 What a job!